Over the years, we’ve cataloged numerous instances of bias-driven reporting from just about every major news outlet our country has to offer.

The AP is not immune. More concerning about creeping bias in AP reporting is that most major publications, channels, and stations in the U.S. have subscriptions to the Associated Press wire stories.

Last month, there was this gem, published about the dust-up between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Mitch McConnell during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings:

“Said worse stuff.”

Today, the AP did it again. This time Trump’s budget proposal received the “impartial” Associated Press treatment.


The article was posted on the AP’s own website:


It’s not for the AP to determine whether Sen. Warren or Sen. McConnell was right. Nor is it their role to decide if Republicans are “climate deniers” (one of the dumbest “insults” in progressivism — no one denies climate exists). They have one job to do — to report the news.

Bias has been creeping into AP wire stories for quite some time now, though recently it’s significantly more blatant.
Seeing as the AP is no longer interested in simply reporting the news, can we stop pretending they’re unbiased?

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