How many times have we heard the old “make the rich pay” plan from the left? Besides, in California aren’t the millionaires already funding a lot of other big government programs?

Campus Reform reports:

CA Dems propose free tuition funded by tax on millionaires

California state legislators have proposed a bill to make public colleges and universities completely tuition-free by creating a special tax on the state’s remaining millionaires.

Assembly Bill 1356, introduced Monday by Democratic Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman, would impose a one-percent tax on incomes over $1,000,000 in order to close “the unfunded gap between existing aid programs and the cost of tuition and fees.”

A press release put out by Eggman’s office asserts that California needs roughly $2 billion to cover the cost of college tuition for all state residents, and estimates that the new tax would generate about $2.2 billion, all of which would be deposited into the state’s Higher Education Assistance Fund for that purpose.

At press time, the California State Legislature’s website listed AB 1356 as a bill (also sponsored by Eggman) to extend legal protections and rights to illegal immigrants who apply for employment in the state, but a staff member told Campus Reform that the site is in the process of being updated.

A fact sheet provided to Campus Reform explains that between 1969 and 2015, California’s median household income increased by 10 percent, whereas tuition increased 530 percent in the University of California system and 685 percent in the California State University system over the same period.