Just how badly did the GOP’s first attempt at repealing Obamacare fail, and what are your thoughts on buttercream frosting?

Sunday I joined the Matthias Shapiro (one of my very first politifriends) and Jordan Ecarma of CRC Media on their Paradox podcast where we tackled terrible opinions, the AHCA flop, and talked more about fondant vs. buttercream than you’ll probably want to hear.

Though my terrible opinion this podcast had to do with the Huma/Weiner reconciliation, a better terrible opinion would probably be that fondant is grody. Team buttercream!

A synposis:

The lose-lose healthcare bill scenario

Matthias points out that the failure of the GOP healthcare bill is bad in the long term for Democrats since the Affordable Care Act likely won’t survive without extra government intervention on its behalf. Kemberlee analyzes why the bill failed, noting that even though the bill was theoretically Part I of a three-part initiative, most people had no idea there was more to the plan because the GOP failed to communicate yet again. We all sympathize with Speaker Paul Ryan, who seems to be trying to find a compromise solution in a thankless task.

You should have a real life

The Paradox team has been encouraging more discussion about fun interests far outside the realm of politics. Matthias and Kemberlee talk about their experiences with baking and what inspired each of them to learn. There is a lot of important discussion about buttercream frosting.

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