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Branco Cartoon – Cash for Clunkers, Part 2


Nailed it!

How much does a medical procedure cost? You never find out till after it’s done. Not Capitalism, not Socialism. What the hell is it?

    Ragspierre in reply to shrinkDave. | March 13, 2017 at 10:19 am

    You’ve said that before, and it’s bullshit to a great degree.

    I know precisely how much many medical procedures will cost.

    Just like you can know precisely what certain legal procedures will cost.

    What you can’t know precisely is how much litigation will cost, or how much some medical procedures would cost, because there is no good way to know what complexities will be involved in either.

    Oil exploration is another good set of examples.

    It’s cost shifting. It happens in two ways. One, through pricing disparities caused by leverage including monopolies or practices. Two, through open ended or undeclared agreements, which are resolved at a fixed or variable rate, and inflated total cost, after the fact.

My eyes were opened after working a day in the ER.

I saw that our mental health system is in shambles.
I saw Medicaid patients abusing the system.
I saw the front end of drug ODs.
I saw illegals coming in with no insurance and real health issues.
I saw the elderly with real issues.
I saw people who will never earn a dime draw more from Medicaid than I will ever earn.

This is not a simple machine. Outside of the deadbeat welfare cheats (who need a kick in the butt), I saw a lot of people have health issues they will not pay for in a million life times. Obama made it worse.

Great cartoon, A.F., but I have one small suggestion. I like RINO-Care better than Ryan-Care. I don’t know who coined that word (Sarah Palin?), but it’s more accurate and has a nice ring to it.

Considering our vote, is there anyone besides democrat fascists more vile than the likes of Paul Ryan?

Perfect! Mr. Branco.