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Betsy DeVos Praises Career Prep in Visit to Valencia College

Betsy DeVos Praises Career Prep in Visit to Valencia College

Wise advice…

Betsy DeVos recently visited Valencia College in Florida where she talked about the importance of career prep. Today’s students would be wise to listen rather than getting wrapped up in protests.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

In First College Visit, DeVos Praises Career Prep and Community Colleges

Betsy DeVos made her first official visit to an institution of higher education as education secretary on Friday, touring the jobs-training programs at Valencia College, a two-year college in Florida.

Ms. DeVos’s interest in community colleges — specifically, in career preparation — is consistent with her past statements on higher ed. In her first higher-ed address, in February, she noted “the importance of expanding vocational and technical education, the types of career and technical education that community colleges excel at providing.”

Ms. DeVos tweeted from Valencia on Friday morning:


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One of the reasons we have Mexicans hanging around construction stores is because Mexico has a vast system of vocational instruction: cars, welding,lathing and cutting, masonry, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, tile and floor, etc. We used to. Then every student who should have been in such was convinced that they were college material. To the point now where college is a joke, filled with mediocre talent taking courses unthinkably stupid and easy just 10 years ago.

    OldProf2 in reply to puhiawa. | March 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Let’s see now. . . We have a highly motivated Mexican who knows all the building trades and is willing to work for the going rate. Or, we have a privileged US native with a 4-year degree in Gender Studies and $150,000 in student loan debt, who thinks s/he should start for at least $100K per year. I wonder which one is more likely to find a job. I know which one I’d hire, even if I had to learn Spanish.

Typically, professional painters charge over $20,000 to paint a small aircraft. My friend found a Mexican family who did the job for $5,000. They did an excellent job in a timely manner.