Trump has been accused of many things — some deserved, some not. But this has to be a new one.

Barbara Streisand recently blamed Trump for her decision to over-indulge in pancakes. Trump acts, Barbara eats. Or at least that’s the impression her Twitter feed gives:

And the recent accusations that Obama was Nixon-lite? MORE PANCAKES.

As the Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Streisand is no fan of Trump:

The performer has made it clear in the past that she is not a supporter of Trump. Streisand penned an essay for The Huffington Post titled “Clueless, Reckless, Graceless, Mindless and Heartless: Our President Elect,” where she expressed that Trump is “dangerous and unfit for office.”

After Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump Golden Globes speech, Streisand called into MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews while getting her teeth cleaned and said she agreed with Streep. “You can’t trust anything he says,” the singer added about Trump.

All a joke? Probably. I love Streisand as an actress and performer. She’s immensely talented. These days it’s far too difficult to discern sarcasm, parody, and comedy from reality. But I’m so old I remembered being labeled a “racist” by Hollywood types for questioning some of President Obama’s decisions.

I think it’s safe to say the new president has become a whipping boy for every insecurity harbored by his detractors. It’s the natural progression of the victimhood culture.

Relatedly, anyone else suddenly wanting pancakes?

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