It will be interesting to see if there are protests because he’s a Republican or if his celebrity overrides that.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

University of Houston announces Arnold Schwarzenegger as the 2017 commencement speaker

The University of Houston has officially confirmed that the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be giving the commencement speech for the 2017 spring graduation ceremony.

A photo of the actor and politician was posted to the school’s Twitter account with the caption:
“The Terminator. The Governor. The Philanthropist. Our 2017 Commencement speaker. @Schwarzenegger. Hasta la vista, Coogs. May 12.”

Students and relatives are already going crazy over the announcement.

One person tweeted “I’ll wake up early for this.”

Another user posted “he spoke at my colleague’s graduation several years ago! He said [Schwarzenegger] was fantastic. This is awesome! #GoCoogs.

Featured image via YouTube.