Government sanctioned groping to protect you from a bottle of shampoo is about to get more personal.

After 21 guns, a couple knives, and a smoke grenade were found at TSA checkpoints nationwide in one single day, the Transportation and Security Administration is responding by feeling up travelers.

And an obligatory reminder: we pay for this.

From Fox Denver:

DENVER — The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out new pat-down procedures as travelers go through security at airports.

It’s part of a nationwide change that some passengers might find even more invasive.

At Denver International Airport, employees were notified last week that the searches “may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before.”

The TSA isn’t saying how agents will be touching travelers, but the agency notified local police in case anyone reports an “abnormal” search.

Typically, travelers only get a pat-down if something was triggered during screening or they opt out of going through the body scanners.

The TSA used to have five types of pat-downs. Now, there will only be one way and they’ll still be performed by agents of the same gender.

Still, the pat-downs have long been disliked by travelers and a more rigorous, invasive search will not be liked by some.

But surely this will slow down already painfully slow security lines! TSA promises that’s not the case but that it will slow down the individual being molested.

As if we needed another reason to hate the TSA.

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