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Another life sentence for Carlos the Jackal

Another life sentence for Carlos the Jackal

Convicted of a 1974 grenade attack on a Paris shop, receives third life sentence.

On March 12, 2017, we reported Carlos “The Jackal” goes on trial in France:

“Carlos the Jackal” is a name I haven’t heard in a really long time.

I assumed he was dead.

In fact, he’s been serving a life sentence in France, and now is going on trial again.

Sky News reports, Carlos the Jackal faces trial for 1974 Paris shop bombing

Our prior post summarized his terrorist history. That history included close association with Palestinian terrorists, incluyding in taking OPEC ministers hostage in 1975.

His recent trial has ended with another guilty verdict and another life sentence. BBC reports, Carlos the Jackal, a notorious Venezuelan militant serving two life sentences, has been handed a third by a French court:

The self-styled revolutionary, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez and is now 67, was convicted of a 1974 grenade attack on a Paris shop.

Ramirez threw a grenade into the shopping area, killing two and injuring 34 others, the court found.

He denied the charges and called the trial, 43 years later, “absurd”….

The self-professed “professional revolutionary” has been found guilty of four bomb attacks:

  • In March 1982, a bomb exploded on a train between Paris and Toulouse, killing five people and wounding 28
  • A month later a car bomb attack was mounted on an anti-Syrian newspaper in Paris, with one passer-by killed and 60 injured
  • On New Year’s Eve 1983, a bomb on a TGV fast train between Marseille and Paris killed three people and wounded 13
  • A bomb at a Marseille train station killed two

He was first convicted by a French court 20 years ago, and again in 2011 and 2013.

Buh-bye, Carlos.


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May he spend the rest of his days behind bars…

A waste of time and resources.

Should have hanged him years ago.