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Wheaton College to Offer Scholarship to Refugee Over Trump Order

Wheaton College to Offer Scholarship to Refugee Over Trump Order

“we must counter that divisive message”

The media will just love this. It’s just another liberal institution trying to take the moral high ground.

The Hill reports:

Mass. college will award full scholarship to a refugee following Trump order

A Massachusetts liberal arts college is offering a full scholarship to a refugee fleeing war and violence, with preference given to those from one of the Muslim-majority countries targeted by President Trump’s immigration order.

In a message announcing the scholarship, Wheaton College President Dennis Hanno argued the importance of allowing international students to study at U.S. colleges and universities,

“The current executive order on immigration, which was signed on Friday, January 27, endangers the broadly diverse learning environment that is essential to our mission,” Hanno said in a news release this week.

“This new policy implies that international students are neither needed nor wanted. This is false, and we must counter that divisive message,” he continued.

He also urged the Trump administration to rescind the Jan. 27 executive order barring refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia – from entering the U.S.


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As long as they enter the U.S. legally I’m fine with this.

Add the name Dennis Hanno to the list of people who haven’t actually read the EO but are reacting to what someone else, who is also unlikely to have bothered to read the document, claims it says. Back in the Stone Age when I was a student, the president of the college I attended would never have considered taking a stand either for or against the contents of a document he hadn’t personally read.

Scholarship starts at the top, which explains a lot about why our institutions of higher learning – if indeed that is what they still are – are producing graduates who seem too lazy to do their own research and are clerly incapable of independent thought.