Security footage from Kuala Lamar airport in Malaysia supposedly shows the moment when the woman murdered Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

From CBS News:

The chilling security camera footage shows Kim navigating the busy airport last Monday, just moments before he’s attacked. As he stands at a check-in kiosk, his alleged assassins strike. A woman in a white shirt appears to wipe a cloth across his face with an accomplice before both slip back into the crowd.

Kim then alerts airport employees and police who bring him to the airport’s medical center. He later died en route to the hospital.

On Sunday, Malaysian police said they are working with Interpol. Seven suspects are at large. Four of them – all North Korean – left the country on the day of the attack.

“We need them to assist in the investigation. So we have to collect all of the evidence pertaining to the involvement of these people,” said Noor Rashid Ismail, police deputy inspector-general.