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UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion Costs $20 Million Annually

UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion Costs $20 Million Annually

“student-services bureaucracy”

This Orwellian school department is staffed by 150 people. And students wonder why tuition is so high.

City Journal reports:

From Culture to Cupcakes

A naive observer of the Berkeley campus would think that lots of people “other than himself” exist there, and would even think that Berkeley welcomes those “other” people with overflowing intellectual and material riches. Such a misperception, however, is precisely why Berkeley funds the Division of Equity and Inclusion with a cool $20 million annually and staffs it with 150 full-time functionaries: it takes that much money and personnel to drum into students’ heads how horribly Berkeley treats its “othered” students.

A member of the student-services bureaucracy reinforces the message of continual oppression on her banner. “I will be a brave and sympathetic ally,” announces Bene Gatzert of University Health Services. Cardozo and Holmes saw grandeur in the mastery of the common law; today’s campus functionary sees herself in a heroic struggle against the ubiquitous forces of white-male heterosexual oppression. The au courant concept of “allyship” divides the campus into the oppressed, their allies, and the oppressors. If you are not in either of the first two categories, you’re by definition in the third. “Allies” are needed if oppressed students at UC Berkeley—the country’s most elite public university, endowed with libraries and laboratories that are the envy of the world—are simply to survive their ordeal.


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