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Trump Wine Boycott Backfires. Bigly.

Trump Wine Boycott Backfires. Bigly.

When will they learn?

The hysteria surrounding the election of President Trump has seeped into retail.  From Ivanka products to Trump wine, the regressive left is trying to rouse Americans to boycott all things Trump.

Last week, some group of crybaby leftists demanded that Wegmans stop selling Trump wine because they don’t like Trump.  When they learned that they couldn’t bully Wegmans, they instead put out a call for Wegmans’ shoppers to stop buying Trump wine.

Predictably, this had the exact opposite effect, with Trump wine flying off the shelves and into Trump supporters’ shopping carts.

Stop Trump Wine” explains its position:

In spite of his election, we will work every day of his presidency to remind Trump and his supporters that we will not condone the bigotry, racism, and misogyny that he and his allies demonstrate.

Events during Donald Trump’s campaign made it clear that Eric Trump, the president of Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, shares the views of his father.

Let’s demonstrate through economic action that the residents and business owners of Charlottesville will not stand for the hatred espoused by Eric Trump and those like him.

They also have a list of “goals”:

  • Stop distribution and sales of Trump Wine
  • Cancel events at Trump Winery
  • Support other Trump boycotts

Needless to say, they offer no evidence whatsoever of their charges against the Trump family, and instead, simply parrot the standard line about “implementing and supporting policies of hate” and other predictably unfounded and insupportable rantings.

The public response has indeed shown what the residents and business owners think of such politically-motivated attacks . . . it’s just not what the “Stop Trump Wine” whiners expected.

USA Today reports:

A politically motivated boycott of Wegmans over sales of Trump-branded wines in Virginia?

Some Rochester-area shoppers are calling it nonsense.

“Wegmans is being ethical by not letting a political interest group persuade them to pull a brand of wine,” said Andy Frey, a Henrietta resident who is no fan of President Trump. “They are being the ethical party in a free market economy.”

Fortune magazine’s article describing the unintended result of the boycott is erroneously titled:  “Trump Wine Flying Off Shelves at Wegman’s Despite Trump Boycott.”

Nope.  It’s flying off the shelves because of the boycott.

Fortune reports:

A group that called for Wegmans shoppers to boycott Trump-branded wine probably won’t be happy to hear that instead, bottles from Trump Winery are flying off the shelves in Virginia stores.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the wine has sold out at two Richmond-area Wegmans stores, and the eight other locations in Virginia have also sold out of all or some varieties of the Trump Winery wines they carry.

Jo Natale, vice president of media relations for Wegmans, told the Times-Dispatch that the ten Virginia Wegmans had plenty of Trump wine in stock before the calls to boycott, and sales have soared since then.

“How a product performs is our single measure for what stays on our shelves and what goes,” Natale said. (Wegmans refused to bow to the pressure to take Trump wine of its shelves.) “Individual shoppers who feel strongly about an issue can demonstrate their convictions by refusing to buy a product. When enough people do the same, and sales of a product drop precipitously, we stop selling that product in favor of one that’s in greater demand.”

So far it appears just the opposite is happening with Trump wine.

Watch the report:


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In vino veritas?

We got a close up and personal look at his constituency last night in Florida.
They are free to buy buy buy all his magnificent products.
Workers from China, Mexico, and assorted other non citizens make all his goodies.

    Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss/It Troll:

    “We” didn’t get a close-up look – YOU did.

    Those people are us. We get a close-up look at them every morning in the mirror.

    ConradCA in reply to Lee Jan. | February 19, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    His wines are manufactured in the USA. Further, almost all clothing is manufactured overseas because of valid economic reasons.

    Common Sense in reply to Lee Jan. | February 19, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Lee Jan

    Just another nasty liberal troll who will pick at anything.
    The poor souls have gone beyond insane because Crooked LOST the election!

    And the Obama presidency is being ripped to shreds!

    We love every minute of it!

      Awww. Feel better now? Especially since they have been bringing in laborers from outside the USA for months now.
      But then those are the jobs Americans won’t do. Right???

    tom swift in reply to Lee Jan. | February 19, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Workers from China, Mexico, and assorted other non citizens make all his goodies.

    Heads up—your xenophobia is showing.

We used to have a much better quality of troll here.

Perhaps if the professor started offering billy goats…

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA….what does it matter? It don’t because Trump won the popular vote in the 30 odd States where it mattered HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA 🙂

I am wondering if these leftists are running afoul of any Federal or State “restraint of trade” doctrines or “committing tortuous interference with a business relationship“.

Perhaps the new FTC will act against the aggrieved intimidators. In the meantime if we have any domain experts I’d be interested in their thoughts.

    sidebar in reply to sequester. | February 19, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Interesting. Unlike the classic civil rights boycotts, these individuals are preemptively conducting an organized campaign against particular products. Also preemptively the organizers are trafficking in at least implied threats to the profitability of certain businesses if they do not comply with the organizers wishes.

Trump wine: it tastes and smells like — VICTORY.

The ironic thing it, never knew it existed: now, I have to go buy some.

Thank you, minority-of-the-electorate leftist cultists.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I purchased two bottles of wine in December as Christmas gifts. The workers all looked like the typical liberal hippie snowflake young adults but they were happy that I did buy Trump wines. If they keep this up I will buy more Trump wines for other occasions.

The left has opened another whinery, so what else is new?

Subtitle: When will they learn?

You already know the answer, FS.

Where to buy in Texas?

ComboverAsMetaphor | February 19, 2017 at 3:53 pm

“When will they learn?” There really isn’t much to learn from you since you are so afraid of literate, factual, logic comments that you can’t leave them on the site. In the end, all ideologies fail because they are inductive and reactive.

You are exactly like the people you are ridiculing. Drink all the Trump wine you like. But if it is like his other offerings, it is targeted at marks.

They didn’t learn from their Chick-Fil-A boycott. Which tells me they can’t learn. Which explains why they’re leftists to begin with.

    ComboverAsMetaphor in reply to gospace. | February 19, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    At least Chick-Fil-A stood for something. It is hard to say what Trump stands for. One thing is for certain – whatever he stands for today will not be what he stands for tomorrow.

    Go ahead and drink all of the wine with his name on it that you can stand. I doubt it is any good. I base that not on ideology, but experience. I have been in Trump Tower on business. It is hardly the palace he would have you believe. The atrium, which was built as a ‘public amenity’, and for which he received a variance that allowed him to increase the footprint of the building, is the most soulless space in NYC. The shops are not high end. The decor is bluster and inelegance. Even the part of 5th Ave on which it stands is not the class part of the Avenue. That starts at 57th St and goes north.

My favorite is the vintage made out of liberal tears.


I visited Trump Winery only yesterday. I must say, the place was packed with people! It is located on the former Kluge estate which is absolutely beautiful. Tastings are $12/person. For that price, you get to sample 5 wines whites and reds and you keep the glass. If you like bourbon, I highly recommend that you try Trump Cru. It is outstanding!

    ComboverAsMetaphor in reply to Thinker. | February 19, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    The wineries I’ve been to don’t charge for tastings.

    I have to give credit to Trump for figuring out yet another way to fleece his followers – and I thought he ran for president to serve.

      What? You’ve been to one winery, maybe? I’ve been to dozens. Most charge for tastings- but most also deduct the tasting charge off if you buy any wine from them. Most of them you don’t keep the glass. $12 a person, keep the glass? Not outrageous. Ice wine tasting can run more then that without keeping the glass.

      But, did they charge you for the greasy brown paper bag your Champipple came in?

      You must not have been to many then. There are 3 wineries, a bourbon house and 2 high end breweries within 25 miles of me. Each and every one of them charges for a tasting.

      The only “free” wine tasting I’ve seen in that last couple of decades was a teaspoon or so in a plastic medicine cup offered at a local Farmer’s Market.

        gospace in reply to Granny. | February 19, 2017 at 10:24 pm

        You need to take a trip to the Finger Lakes region of New York. 10 miles to the nearest winery, but another few dozen within 25. Book a room a Geneva or Watkins Glen, and a drive around Seneca LKake gives you more then 50 to choose from. Lot’s of breweries if your taste runs to them. And remember our saying- Finger Lakes is for wine, NAPA is for auto parts.

      “The wineries I’ve been to don’t charge for tastings.”

      Baldy, listen, ripple samples from the guy on the corner with the brown bag are not what most people call “wine tastings”.

I was at the Trump Winery 10 days ago, in conjunction with a trip to Monticello. I think the offered 4 wines for tasting.

1. Blanc de Blanc Sparkling: Excellent. On par with good CA stuff. (I grew up near Napa)

2. Viognier: pretty good. a wine grape often found in VA. Good to excellent, but not the best I’ve had

Note: VA Reds overall don’t rate well compared to CA ones.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon. Very good. Best I’ve had in VA. still would not buy it 🙂 Sorry

4. Meritage. Not for me.

bottom line. I bought some Sparkling BdB and would have bought the Blanc de Noir, untasted, but it was held for wine club members.