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Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding to Berkeley After Riots

Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding to Berkeley After Riots

Do it.

I hope Trump does this. Like many of our readers, I’ve really had it with this garbage from the left. It’s about time they suffered some consequences for their actions.

The Daily Caller reports:

Trump Threatens To Cut Federal Funding For UC Berkeley After Night Of Violence

President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding for the University of California, Berkeley after the campus erupted into fiery violence before a planned speech by conservative figure Milo Yiannopoulos Wednesday evening.

If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?


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Not only U.C., but the city of Berkeley as well. The Bernie-supporting mayor is said to have ordered the police to stand down like the mayor of Baltimore did not so long ago.
Also, Facebook and Twitter were used to coordinate these riots. I would like to see something done there as well.

If you want to protest against a speaker, do so, but understand this: A mob smashing and burning public and private property is NOT a “protest”, it is a riot! The government would be totally justified in the use of whatever level of force would be necessary to quell it, including deadly force if lives are threatened.

These so-called “students” are in reality spoiled brats who believe that throwing tantrums and destroying (other people’s) things is their right. It is clear they were not spanked when they misbehaved as children and learned this sort of behavior would instead be rewarded. They are going to be shocked senseless when they eventually receive the discipline they are earning now.

This is an example of the lawlessness the Democrats promote. Even Feinstein praised the interim USAG for defying a presidential order. Would she had done this to Obama? Of course not. The Liberals including Pelosi would have you believe they are the party of peace and good. They are instead the party of EVIL. Without their supporters who that tether to give away government programs and voting illegal aliens they wouldn’t have enough support to be a dog catcher.

The thing about the funding is that it should be relatively easy, and quick—no need to wait for Congress to get serious.

But it’s just a start. The Berkeley problem isn’t about politics or policy differences, it’s about crimes. And since the crimes seem to include civil rights violations, Federal law enforcement has not just an opportunity but an obligation to get involved. I hope it does. The heat should be put on both the perps and the people and institutions who let this crap happen.

Paul In Sweden | February 4, 2017 at 7:59 am

Yes, he should cut funding to Berkeley if there is a repeat of this civil rights affront and it may very well come to that pending on the results of the current FBI investigation of University administration’s actions and inactions during the riots and the administration’s punitive roadblocks towards the student groups organizing the Milo event.

Trump should not stop there, Title IX should be gutted. Federal student loans should be reconsidered. Universities should guaranty student loans instead of the taxpayers. If a university feels that it is a good investment for them to pump out students with the courses of study that they have been producing then the students will be productive and there should be no problem with the Universities shouldering the financial liability. It is high time for there to be fiduciary responsibility in higher education.

The democrat liberal left doesn’t support free speech unless the speech is promoting lawlessness. Let’s throw these bums out of office. You don’t see Feinstein, Pocahontas or Pelosi condemning the rioting because they are behind it.