I’ll leave the details and the policy prescriptions to others. Here’s my quick reaction.

Donald Trump’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress tonight was enormously impressive and potentially game changing.

In big terms, he was both presidential and pugnacious. He started by talking about more work to be done on civil rights, and condemned recent acts of anti-Semitism and hate. While it will not satisfy those who hate him, it set a tone and deflated the attacks on the speech you know already had been written. Bringing victims of crime by illegal immigrants and introducing them was powerful. And introducing the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens was the most emotional moment I’ve ever seen in such a speech.

There were many other points made, some of which would appeal to Democrats, but overall he stuck to what he promised during the campaign.

The word that keeps coming back to me is “defanged.”

Given the size of the audience, Trump defanged the deranged, irrational concept of “resistence.” That’s not to say Democrats won’t keep obstructing, but after this speech they do so at great risk.


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