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Trump Press Conference Was Peak Trump

Trump Press Conference Was Peak Trump

Uses national media attention to skewer national media

President Trump used his press conference to skewer the national press corps Thursday.

He lectured the media on their ratings — suggesting they’d fare better with consumers if they pared back the “hatred” and just presented the news. Trump coached them on the types of questions they should ask, joked about classified information saying they all have copies, and lambasted their love of “fake news.” He not so politely reminded members of the media that their national approval rating is collectively lower than Congress’s.

“Your ratings aren’t as good as some of the other people waiting,’ Trump said to CNN’s Jim Acosta, whose press conference theatrics made headlines some time ago when Trump accused his network of engaging in “fake news.” Today, Trump seemed to have a slight change of heart saying he will no longer refer to “fake news” as such, but instead will refer to it as “very fake news.”

Aside from the fact that the whole presser was TV gold, it was perfectly illustrative of why Trump won — he speaks beyond the political beltway while the political press and most federal officials are incapable of seeing beyond their laptop screens to the interests of the people they’re supposed to represent.

Media heads are exploding. They’re accustomed to marginalizing complaints of bias as a fringe, fly-over country platitude; a task significantly more difficult when the same complaints are coming from the White House. Their own vanity will prevent them from seeing they are one of many problems with the current political structure and instead will blame Trump for being “unhinged” or something of the like.

The media slasherfest aside, the presser was chock-full of substance. Almost too much substance — leaks, appointments, bias, Russia, campaign, immigration, resignations — a firehose of information embedded in a string of zingers. By design or unintentional? Who knows. But it’ll make covering the bizarre affair incredibly difficult. There’s no single tag line, no distinct takeaway other than Trump is definitely not one to conduct business as usual.

Immigration Executive Order:

Trump plans to release a new immigration Executive Order next week, one he’s confident will pass court scrutiny:

On leaks:


Flynn’s resignation:

Keystone pipeline:


On rumors his administration is in chaos:

Full presser is here:

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You missed his pointing out, that if Hillary got the debate questions (from CNN) why did she not report CNN and step out of the debate? A fine point. People seemed to blame Donna Brazille or CNN for cheating, but not really Hillary directly!

That was peak Trump and just an amazing thing! So much winning!

    RobM in reply to geoffc. | February 16, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Plus he hit her and the “Russia” meme well with calling her out on the insipid reset button and the uranium deal. 3D chess… that was brilliant.

      Dave in reply to RobM. | February 17, 2017 at 10:39 am

      Nothing Hillary did was deemed worthy of publication by the MSM. I bet 99% of Americans have never heard of the Uranium deal with Russia.

Thanks for the synopsis, Kemberly.

Not since Reagan have we had a competent and capable leader with an American character. I remain cautiously optimistic.

He also pointed out that Hillary gave 20% of our uranium to Russia but he has given them nothing. It was an amazing press conference, and the press is on twitter now whining like crazy about unfair treatment. Chuck Todd even called it unAmerican, which generated a flood of responses. Absolutely hilarious. I have to give Trump credit. He is a master manipulator of the press.

After the conference was over, the ABC talkers seemed to be nit-picking over the President’s claim of Electoral College margin. While mispoken it certainly was not the most important item discussed. They seemed to me as really reaching to to question the verasity of Trump. It was great to see them flailing!

Insufficiently Sensitive | February 16, 2017 at 3:58 pm

the ABC talkers seemed to be nit-picking over the President’s claim of Electoral College margin.

And so did conservative Michael Medved. Not just mentioning it, but endlessly refuting it and quoting statistics and rubbing our noses in it – while we were hoping to get some more overall info on that press conference. Almost a deflection.

    Mark Simone, doing Hannity’s show made the point that he most likely meant “largest electoral college win for a Republican president since Reagan”. A misspoke statement, he backed down from it, and not actually news. There was so much better stuff to report on. And whinge and complain. Loved it.

The press made this about themselves. Eveytime they do that, they lose. Today, they lost!

When Trump makes a simple error, it’s amusing to see the press jump on it and correct him. When, all the time, what he wanted was them to dwell on the facts.

For example, he says drugs are as cheap as candy bars, and right away, CNN is reporting that they were able to interview five local drug dealers withing five minutes.

That was the news he wanted them to report.

They keep falling for it. Their corrections break their narrative just as much as his error.

    It makes such a wonderful mental image

    Trump: Drugs are as cheap as candy bars!
    Media: No they aren’t! It costs a mint to keep me in cocaine. Let me go get a rebuttal from my pusher.

    It explains a lot.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Petrushka. | February 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    RE: “When Trump makes a simple error, it’s amusing to see the press jump on it and correct him.”

    Why…why…why it’s as though they were all crazy! SNARK.

I am glad I happened upon it live. I did enjoy it very much. I think Minor Garrett has a hearing problem. Before today I thought I had been witnessing a crucifixion by the MSM. What a breath of fresh air.

The “press” was over whelmed by president Trump being Trump.

Look at their stupid coverage after the press conference.

Trump is winning bigly today and it was a true pleasure to see it happen. Today he used the media like a rented mule… 🙂

I’m reminded of the scene in ‘Patton’ where he is standing on the hill overlooking the battlefield and shouts, “Rommel, you bloody bastard, I read your book!”. Alinskyites, take note.

schumer is a lightweight. LOL.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to 4fun. | February 16, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    LOL Yes, I loved that too, when Trump was telling that reporter about Cummings and the CBC.

    But it’s true! Schumer is really a light-weight, bully.

I enjoyed the hell out of that!

LoL Trump is the dumb one while playing 3d Chest and the media is eating their checkers this is why I voted for him.

Trump’s obviously selling himself and his administration in this press conference. But you know what, even though I know exactly what he’s doing, I do have to say that I’m still really impressed with both what he’s done so far and his presentation of it.

Of course now my greatest fear is that Trump will turn me into an optimist.

“paired back” ==> pared back 🙂

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to nordic_prince. | February 16, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    Ya’ missed one: “He lectured the media on their ratings — suggesting they’d fair better with consumers if they paired back the “hatred” and just presented the news.”

    fair ==> fare

JackRussellTerrierist | February 16, 2017 at 6:51 pm

This was fun to watch. I remember obastard coyly slipping the middle finger to Americans into some of his gestures while speaking or being interviewed. But no passive/aggressive middle finger for the press from Trump, lol!

I loved it! Even though Trump was blasting the msm he was also giving them good advice. If they would show a little fairness he would respond in kind. But I’m not holding my breath. I think the American public is going to tire of this nit-picking of any small detail that Trump gets wrong and not focusing on the larger issues. Think of all the verbal faux pas that hillary made when she finally went out in public to speak. Or even worse (“57 states”) obama. But the msm didn’t think it was a big deal.

To CNN’s Acosta ” Ask Jeff how he got his job” (Jeff Zucker CEO at CNN..previously at NBC) would love to know the back story but I bet it was a powerful message to Zucker who knows the story. PRICELESS!

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Walter. | February 16, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Thanks Walter for making me laugh out loud.


    Why am I hearing banjos in the background now? YIKES! Snark.

Donald Trump is the Charles Barkley of American politics. He can pretty much say whatever he wants, and he gets away with it. They just have that charisma.

I hope he replaces Flynn with John Bolton.

Along a similar vein, I had no interest in watching the press conference. Presidential press conferences are boring. Some liberal jackass stands up and asks either a fawning question of Obama or a blatantly unfair question of Bush. This is followed by a droning platitude response that I’m not going to believe anyway. It’s boring political theater where the wrong questions get asked to elicit the answers that can be used for political purposes.

But this… Now I’m kind of intrigued. And I might even tune in to the next one if it’s going to be like this. I wonder if I’m alone in this.

I’m watching Bernie Goldberg on Fox News saying that everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is fake news. Really Bernie? Take your #NeverTrump @ss back to CBS.

I’ve been reading some MSM and some facebook posts from liberal friends. Apparently Trump held another press conference where the media made him look like a shallow callous fool. Does anyone know when this second press conference took place?

The entire press corps, with their controlling ways are met with a Trump, that thinks ” Outside,” the box. They are not ready for this kind of News Conf. They stumble and look incompetent.