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Trump bows out of White House Correspondents Association “Nerd Prom”

Trump bows out of White House Correspondents Association “Nerd Prom”

Getting even for 2011 Dinner belittling of Trump by Obama and Seth Myers?

The White House Correspondents Association annual dinner is referred to by the members as “Nerd Prom.”

Is there possibly a more annoying title in the world? They are not nerds. But they do think of themselves as being smarter than their readers and viewers.

It’s a disgusting spectacle of insiders patting insiders on the back, and the in-the-know crowd rubbing of self-important elbows. Inevitably, “conservative” correspondents hoping to be accepted into the fold attend.

Philip Bump of WaPo nailed it with this 2015 post, ‘Nerd Prom’ is a gross, self-congratulatory name for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Stop.:

It’s the braggiest of humblebrags. The goal here, in the eternal, unhappy way of D.C. trying to prove itself, is to imply that attendees are savvy wonks who had to be dragged away from their statistical analyses of Jeb Bush’s record as governor, cleaned up and made to have a free meal. “We’re just nerds trying to have some fun,” we can see Killer Mike, guest of the Huffington Post, saying to a camera. “I’d really rather be at home reading Sophocles in the original Greek.”

Give it up. This isn’t an event for nerds, it’s an event for people to be on TV and hang out with the president. It’s more nerdy than the Oscars, sure. But is it less nerdy than, say, the Daytime Emmys? Probably not. Call it “Washington Prom,” or “D.C.’S Big Night Out.” Suggesting it’s nerdy, though, is like the 40-year-old guy who hears a new slang term six months late and starts using it around his kid. Awkward, wrong and dumb. (But maybe “Fleek Prom” will work.)

It’s no secret that the type of people who attend Nerd Prom hate Trump. To them, the nerdiest Nerd Prom ever was when Trump was mocked ny Obama:

And also Seth Myers:

That public display is credited, at least in part, with motivating Trump to run for and win the presidency.

Don’t get mad, get even.

Now Trump is in open war with Nerd Prom-ers. They hate him, tried to prevent him from winning, tried to corrupt the Electoral College, and now want him out of office.

In light of recent changes in how the press is handled by the Trump administration, various news organizations, such as CNN, already announced that they were considering canceling their after-parties. (Like anyone gives a crap about their after-parties.)

Trump just announced on Twitter that he will not attend. But he does wish everyone well.

Oh, I’m sure there will be a round of criticism of Trump for not going along and playing along. But why should he? For national unity? With that crowd?

That crowd, by the way, simultaneously pretends not to care and is lashing out at Trump with a fury.


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Since the press thinks Donald Trump is the embodiment of evil, they should be elated that he chose to remove himself from their presence.

I’m glad he is not going. This type of party is a farce.

It should be a dinner & a dance. Any wordsmithing just shows everyone what they really believe.

Let them raise money to fund a journalism scholarship.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Liz. | February 26, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Trump shouldn’t have announced he wasn’t going. He should have just stood them up, later explaining he preferred the quality fiction and better company of movie viewing with his grandchildren.

Exactly – they should be celebrating that they don’t even have to pretend to be kidding when they trash him for his very existence. But of course they feel cheated because they can’t cleverly tell him FU to his face.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to katiejane. | February 26, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Trump should have pulled a no-show. Let them mill around, waiting. Make them have to change the construction of their insults with some lame ad-libbing because he isn’t their to appreciate their genius and that of whomever wrote their nasty lines.

As Michelle said, ‘they take the low road, we take the high road.’ Yeah, right. You can just see the hatred in Obama’s devilish eyes.I think the left’s anguish is so much more about the propensity for the Donald to show Obama a thing or two about actually being a good leader.

My first impression was that he should have gutted it out, but then I realized, why? They hate him openly, he hates them, the event is gonna be nastier than my brother-in-laws rehearsal dinner.

If there was ever a time for a red wedding…

More likely a cost/benefit analysis.
Positives of attending: None
Negatives of attending: Numberless

I don’t think the press gets it.

The nerds will see Trump’s decision as an attack on the First Amendment.

Why should trump show up to this self love fest?

Being the masterful player that he is, he absolutely controls the press. Donald trump does not need the media. He has the means to communicate directly with a vast majority of the America public, through twitter, facebook and other social media. And, as he is the POTUS, the media HAS to cover his communications or lose any semblance of credibility. So, not only does he not need the press, they have to cover his statements or wither away. That is what is upsetting them the most. The are now superfluous.

And, the majority of the media has show themselves to be exactly what Trump claims they are; his opposition and the enemy of the people through their use of innuendo and falsehood to attack him and his administration. So, to appear with them in this setting would only give them some relevance.

At this point, I have doubts that Trump really wants to have an positive relations with the national press unless it is totally on his terms. He is like the nerdy kid who is crapped on by all the “cool” kids in school who goes on to become Bill gates. Then everyone suddenly wants to be his friend. But, he no longer needs, nor wants, their “friendship”. Though among the press “friendship” translates to “what can you do for me?”.

    “He is like the nerdy kid who is crapped on by all the “cool” kids in school..”

    Uh, no. Trump was the cool kid in high school. He made billions not by sitting in a room writing code, but elbowing his way through NYC construction industry and the NY mafia (who ran it), local politicians, bad ass competitors, etc. etc. etc.

    Considering how he made them, Donald Trumps billions are equal to 500 billion of Gates,’ if he had them.

    Oh – and don’t forget the hot women he’s married.

    Nerd, huh?

    Compare with the putzes in the media.

      You miss the point.

      The “cool” kids in school are the peer power elite in that environment and many people try to gain admittance to that group. In school, nerds, no matter how talented and academically successful rarely get accept by the “cool” group, while still in school.

      This is the case with Trump. For years, the media and political elite have either ignored Trump or ridiculed him. He might have been rich, but he was a considered a vulgarian. Now that he is President, the elite is all incensed that he no longer seems to want to be part of their group. However, as he reached his present position with out any help from the elite, in fact they actively worked against him, he has no need to join a group who spurned him earlier.

Reading their tweets, they’re acting like and think they won. Like they banned Trump or something. Now, we can talk about him behind his back and all of America will think we are cool. They just don’t get it. The Left’s hatred is on full display. That’s ok Trump will get the last laugh.

Vanity Fair and the New Yorker pulled out three weeks ago. They were having a tantrum. So good for Trump. Check mate

Ghost rider, so true , I have been tweeting them back.

Correct, these aren’t “nerds” … real nerds are smarter. Real nerds also harbor no illusions that they’re the “cool kids”.

But for all those critics who have been waiting for Trump to begin acting “Presidential”, well … there it is.

This stuff is all peanuts, meaningless, and I’m embarrassed for everyone involved. The GOP has the presidency, the Senate, and the House. Ignore the media, just like one would ignore a troll, and get to work.

Re Obama or Meyers ‘destroying’ Trump (re the caption of the videos) – look where the ‘destroyed’ Trump is now.

Where are the likes of Obama and Meyers? At a circle jerk, without the President.

    That’s why I’ve always said the MSM’s patron saint is “St. Onan,” the patron saint of self-abuse. 😉

      Tom Servo in reply to MarkJ. | February 26, 2017 at 12:38 am

      I grew up Lutheran, had to take confirmation classes in 7th and 8th grade. I remember all us boys asking the poor pastor trying to teach us religion by asking “what’s that mean about Onan? We don’t understand, could you explain it better? I mean since God killed him for doing it, don’t you think you should really explain to us in detail what he was doing there????”

      We were a bad class. heh. The questions we had about “What is Sodomy? We don’t understand!” were even better.

a Boycott without calling it a Boycott..classy very unlike Trump

    Since your side has demonstrated for years that you consider courtesy a weakness to be exploited, we don’t waste it on you anymore.

      mathewsjw in reply to SDN. | February 26, 2017 at 3:39 pm

      my side?? just what do you believe is “my side”?? complementing PotUS for a classy and brilliant move is a side now?? wtf

Maybe the nerd FakeNews reporters will invite Obama and pretend like he is still POTUS?

Maybe Trump should go to the “Nerd Prom” this year and during his remarks after dinner he could make fun of Obama. Oh! I forgot the rules, because Obama is black and making fun of him would be considered racist and the press would be horrified.

Look out everyone!
Samantha Bee called PDT a chicken with a cute little emoji!

The nerd prom is just another total waste of time for a POTUS. It’s just a sorry excuse for a party using the excuse of funding scholarships for more up and coming indoctrinators and propagandists. The media types are just envious of all the hollywood awards shows and needed one of their own. What they fail to see is that the public is sick of all of them and their agendas.

Don’t be surprised when the WHCA invites Hillary to be the guest of honor at their “Nerd Prom” and then acts like she is POTUS.

” just what do you believe is “my side”??”

See that group of drooling thumb suckers over there?

That side.

Going would be according them more respect than they deserve; nothing to do with getting even.