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The Harvard Crimson Doesn’t Understand Free Speech

The Harvard Crimson Doesn’t Understand Free Speech

We believe in free speech, but…

A new editorial from the Harvard Crimson addressed the Berkeley riots last week. They make it quite clear that they don’t understand how free speech works.

Here’s an excerpt:

Free Speech, Not Hate Speech

After violent protests raised concerns of student safety, administrators at UC Berkeley canceled a planned event featuring controversial far-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos last Wednesday. “150 masked agitators” interrupted an otherwise peaceful protest, causing $100,000 of damage to the university’s campus. We commend UC Berkeley administrators for effectively and efficiently handling this situation.

While the incident has been framed as a battle over free speech on UC Berkeley’s liberal campus, it is important to distinguish intellectual diversity from hate speech on college campuses. It is imperative that college students gain a wide range of perspectives and evidence-based ideas to continue challenging their own opinions and worldviews, but universities should foster this intellectual growth by inviting principled conservatives to provide educational experiences for their students—not polemicists such as Yiannopoulos who hold little substance behind their contrarian views.

Yiannopoulos does not deserve to be granted the platform of a university campus to espouse his hateful beliefs. Institutions of higher education pride themselves on generating new knowledge and challenging old beliefs for the purposes of advancing our understanding of the world. Furthermore, these institutions are built on the principle of evidence-based research. In contrast, Yiannopoulos appears to challenge others’ beliefs simply for the sake of being a contrarian, and he does so with little tenability for his claims. Yiannopoulos is little more than a racist, sexist, and anti-semite who encourages hate and fear rather than intellectual thought.


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I hate it when violence interrupts an otherwise peaceful protest.

So says the elite Ivy League bastions of elitism. that invites the likes of Al Sharpton, Cornel DeRay McKesson and Shaun King to campus.

If it were “effectively and efficiently handled”, wouldn’t $100K of damage not been done?

Oh, I get it. They mean that phrase by acceding to the mob and removing Milo from the scene.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. When I was at Harvard, they were shouting down Vietnamese speakers, and disrupting psychology classes taught by Richard Herrnstein and anyone else whose politics they didn’t like. Free speech at Harvard has never included anyone who didn’t conform to the current Groupthink.