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Student Senators at Texas State Under Fire for Wanting to Ban Safe Spaces

Student Senators at Texas State Under Fire for Wanting to Ban Safe Spaces

“detrimental to the social safety of many groups”

If there are no safe spaces, where will students run and hide when Republicans win elections?

Campus Reform reports:

Student senators under fire for bill abolishing safe spaces

Student senators at Texas State University recently introduced a bill that would place a permanent ban on “safe spaces,” but are facing predictably intense criticism over the “detrimental” legislation.

According to a copy of the bill obtained by Campus Reform, its passage would result in a ban on “all safe spaces and equivalent spaces,” and promote a campus where students can “be open to other concepts without ‘trigger warnings.’”

“It has become a nationwide trend for colleges to allow students to escape from views and concepts that might be deemed controversial, dangerous, or offensive,” the resolution argues, explaining that “upon graduating, students will experience views that differ from their own and will not be able to retreat to safe spaces.”

The bill, set to be voted on Monday night, is facing strident opposition from left-leaning organizations and students, including a candidate for the school’s Student Body President, who shamed the sponsors of the resolution for their “detrimental piece of legislation.”

“Not only is this detrimental to the social safety of many groups here at Texas State, but a clear obstruction of our core values as a university,” Russell Boyd wrote in a statement. “As representatives of the student body, it is imperative that the student government take into account the many students that will be greatly impacted by this detrimental piece of legislation.”


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“social safety”

Another new and wonderful concept brought to us by the same type of fine minds who invented “social justice” and commit arson and assault in the name of love.

Making me proud to be a Bobcat.

A person would think snowflakes this fragile wouldn’t be able to survive in the Texas heat. “Social safety”? This Boyd character is going to be in deep kimchee when he has to start coping with the real world; employers aren’t going to have “safe spaces” he can hide in when his ideas of social justice are trounced!