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Student Government at Santa Clara U. Rejects Pro-Capitalism Campus Club

Student Government at Santa Clara U. Rejects Pro-Capitalism Campus Club

What if they invite conservative speakers?

Do you think a campus group based on the teachings of socialism would face any scrutiny?

The College Fix reports:

Student government rejects pro-capitalism club: It’s ‘against humanity’ to allow it

Santa Clara University’s student government recently voted to deny a pro-capitalism campus club official recognition, citing the possibility that the group may invite conservative speakers, and that allowing it would be a stand against “humanity.”

Santa Clara University’s student senate voted 16-10 on Feb. 2 to deny the conservative club Turning Point USA official status. That decision severely hampers the group’s ability to spread its free market message on campus, as the group cannot use campus funds to invite speakers without official recognition, and must recruit a staff member to book space for its activities.

At the Senate meeting, debate erupted after representatives from the Jesuit university’s multicultural center criticized Turning Point, according to eyewitness accounts and a video obtained by The College Fix.

This video goes with the report:


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How do these kids plan to feed themselves and their family? Do like Mohammad and raid caravans?

Oh the arrogance. They know nothing about capitalism or what it has done for them and yet they are vehemently against it.