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Remember, Do Not Open Your Door for Unknown Cattle!

Remember, Do Not Open Your Door for Unknown Cattle!

Eat More Chicken?

Police in Suffield, CT, had some fun after they found escaped cows at a house’s doorstep. They wanted to remind people to never open your doors to cattle you do not know!


Suffield Police had a picture perfect moment this morning after being dispatched on a call about cows on the loose.

They were originally called to the area of North Street/Rt. 75 after a vehicle driving by saw “some cows walking on the side of the road and in people’s yards,” Sgt. Geoffrey Miner said.

When officers pulled up to the scene, they found the cows standing outside of a home, right at the front door.

“When we pulled up that’s right where they were when the picture was taken, at that person’s front door,” Miner told Western Mass News.

Snapping a photo, police then got the cows to safety.

“They came from a farm a couple of houses over, so with significant encouragement we herded them back to their pen, and got them into their enclosure,” noted Miner.


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Two suspicious males?

Oh, you mean they identify as males.

If they’re cows, they’re not male…

City slickers…sheesh…

Where would “suspicious males” get their hands … hooves, whatever … on “dairy products”?

    Dude, you are missing all the buzz words.

    Those are pimps, they are try to sell a chance to feel the teats in one of the cows in their stable.

Nice photo. Guess the owners feed them something from their doorstep, otherwise why would these Holsteins saunter right up to the door?

Cattle tend to follow ‘the beaten path’. If the sidewalk was cleared of snow, they would see it as a path and follow it to the front door.

2nd Ammendment Mother | February 22, 2017 at 4:02 pm

We ran a lot of winter grazed cattle out by me….. everytime a new pot was delivered, we’d have a few go rogue. We threatened to start a Facebook page for the county this year and call it “Is This Your Cow?”