Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos could not enter Jefferson Academy in Washington, D.C., on Friday due to angry protesters. From Mediaite:

“GO BACK!” one of the men can be clearly heard saying. “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” the small vociferous crowd continued.

Another angry patron outside the school says, “She does not represent anything that they stand for!”

“Keep giving money to Senate and buying your way into the position,” another angrily adds. “You should be so proud of yourself!” the small crowd mocked in defiance of DeVos.

ABC7 reporter Sam Sweeney said that DeVos left and he does not know if she tried to enter through another door.

What a freaking disgrace.

What a shock. The Washington teacher’ union organized the protest:

The union, who said they did not support DeVos’ nomination, hopes that she is successful. They said if DeVos succeeds in her role than everyone succeeds – including all public schools and teachers.

The union said they want DeVos to know they support free public schools, and equal education opportunities for all children.

I’m beyond confused. So they protest DeVos even though that’s EXACTLY how she feels. She supports ALL education and wants equal education opportunities for children.