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Protesters Block DeVos From Entering a D.C. School

Protesters Block DeVos From Entering a D.C. School

A teacher’s union barred her from going into the school.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos could not enter Jefferson Academy in Washington, D.C., on Friday due to angry protesters. From Mediaite:

“GO BACK!” one of the men can be clearly heard saying. “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” the small vociferous crowd continued.

Another angry patron outside the school says, “She does not represent anything that they stand for!”

“Keep giving money to Senate and buying your way into the position,” another angrily adds. “You should be so proud of yourself!” the small crowd mocked in defiance of DeVos.

ABC7 reporter Sam Sweeney said that DeVos left and he does not know if she tried to enter through another door.

What a freaking disgrace.

What a shock. The Washington teacher’ union organized the protest:

The union, who said they did not support DeVos’ nomination, hopes that she is successful. They said if DeVos succeeds in her role than everyone succeeds – including all public schools and teachers.

The union said they want DeVos to know they support free public schools, and equal education opportunities for all children.

I’m beyond confused. So they protest DeVos even though that’s EXACTLY how she feels. She supports ALL education and wants equal education opportunities for children.


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Don’t be confused about the apparent contradictions – they’ve learned Obama’s lessons well as in say one thing that SOUNDS nice while doing everything in you power to obstruct. DOE needs to go as well as teachers’ unions. And school vouchers are just about the best way to go.

Another day, another Planned conflict. PC run amuck.

First there were “doctors” in white lab coats. Now there are “teachers” with apples in their eyes. There seems to be a progressive opposition to market reform.

Jefferson Academy is billed as one of the outstanding middle schools in DC. Yet 85% of the students there are mediocre or worse, with 50% scoring below average in math and language testing. And this is touted by the school district as one of their outstanding schools. Perhaps federal educational goals could be met by diverting federal funds from this failing school to others who actually produce positive results. No wonder the staff is so desperate to protect their phony baloney jobs.

    Mac45 in reply to Mac45. | February 10, 2017 at 12:23 pm


    85% of the students are operating below average for that grade level. Only 15% met expectations and less than 3% exceeded expectations.

Isn’t impeding a federal officer in pursuit of her duties a felony? It might be a hard one to prove in court in this case, but the arrest and jail time should send a message just the same.

Meanwhile, every penny of funding that school gets should be discontinued, permanently.

buckeyeminuteman | February 10, 2017 at 12:45 pm

The spirit of Jimmy Hoffa is alive and well.

They are mortally terrified of having competition enter their sacred sanctum.

This is the Little Rock Crisis in reverse. Next time, De Vos should show up with troops and ‘integrate’ this kind of corrupt hotbed with honest administrators – firing the rest.

This is kinda easy.

The feds need a restraining order on union actions which interfere with the Secretary’s right of movement and access to public buildings.

That can provide amply for protests nearby at the same time.

Oh, and BIG penalties for violations.

She should visit the private school where Obama’s kids went.

“Well OK I guess this school doesn’t need any federal funding.”

    Basically my thought in a nutshell.

    If they’re doing so well educating that they feel comfortable denying the Secretary of Education access to the building, and can stand outside that building in protest during school hours (ABC7News’ time-stamp says 7:40 am on a Friday, so the visit would be during school hours), they clearly don’t need monetary assistance from the fed-gov.

I don’t get why there aren’t more (or any) arrests for blocking the public right of way – nor egress from a public building. Would be a hoot to see them sued under OSHA laws for egress.

Some of the angriest people in this country are snotty, liberal teachers. They do not make for a sympathetic group.

    Anchovy in reply to natdj. | February 10, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Overweight. You forgot overweight. Give a cute and attractive new teacher 10 years sucking up teacher lounge donuts (they make cops look like health food addicts) and she is going to teach nutrition classes at 190 lbs.

I hope there were plenty of cameras and cell phones around to record to circus. If the videos get posted at The Gateway Pundit or on Reddit, and the “demonstrators” have a connection to the ones who followed the Republicans through the recently concluded election campaign, somebody will recognize them.

Well, the union’s actions speak louder than their words.

So, once again we see Democrats denying access to a public school to a black man. That worked out so well last time, didn’t it? Oh, and of course, they denied access to one of their principal demographics, a woman. Does anyone wonder where security was or the police?

JackRussellTerrierist | February 10, 2017 at 2:23 pm

Where the hell were the cops?

dial 911
press charges

Where was Melissa Click to shout, “We need some muscle here”?

American Human | February 10, 2017 at 3:53 pm

The downward spiral of public education began with allowing the teacher’s unions to represent teachers. In the county where I live, there are 1.8 staff/support for every 1 teacher. No one ever held to account for being a bad teacher, just moved to a different school or into a staff position.
My children attended a mostly black elementary school (we’re not a black family) and were bullied based on encouragement from their teachers.
I recall my days in elementary and secondary school, the Science teachers were their own staff along with the English teachers and etc.

American Human | February 10, 2017 at 3:53 pm

BTW, I’m thinking Betsy DeVos has nice legs.

I’ll say it again.

Decriminalize school truancy.

School truancy is punishable by civil and criminal penalties in every state. However, the way it starts out is “administrative” so students and their families are not given free legal representation the way they would in a criminal case.

Next to “racist”, “ignorant” is a universally abhorred slur. No one wants to be ignorant, but our schools churn out illiterate graduates all the time.

What is so sad about this is that the union and the teachers are involved in this to protect themselves and Devos is in tis to protect the children. What exactly does the Democrat party stand for anymore?

The really intelligent, well educated “protesters” weren’t smart enough to figure out that there was MORE THAN ONE DOOR !
She did get in and made s visit !