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Professors at Penn Told Not to Assume the Gender of Any Students

Professors at Penn Told Not to Assume the Gender of Any Students

“ways to avoid microaggressing students”

It’s probably a good thing not to assume anything about anyone but in most cases, you can identify someone’s gender instantly.

The College Fix reports:

Penn State professors told: ‘Avoid assuming the gender of any student’

In response to growing concerns over “implicit bias and stereotype threat,” Penn State professors have been provided a checklist suggesting ways to avoid microaggressing students, as well as ideas on how to make their curriculum and classroom more “inclusive.”

One bullet-point on the list: “Avoid assuming the gender of any student.”

It’s among 53 tips on Penn State’s “Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms: Workshop Activity,” which was recently posted as an online resource for campus educators in response to “reports from students that they experience implicit biases, stereotype threat, and micro and macro aggressions in our classrooms,” the university’s website states.

The strategies, found on Penn State’s Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence’s website, serves as “a checklist of best practices for creating a welcoming climate for diversity in the classroom,” according to a faculty report.

To create an inclusive curriculum, professors are advised to “use visuals that do not reinforce stereotypes, but do include diverse participants” and to “analyze the content of your examples, analogies, and humor” to ensure they don’t “ostracize students.”


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If someone pretended not to know I was a woman, I would feel incredibly insulted.

How about the professors who experience “microagressions” with all this BS from the students? If they ever start pulling that crap where I teach, it’s sayonara.

Education in America has jumped the shark.

The dumbest minimum wage worker has more sense than this.