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Princeton Now Being Pressured to Rename School Named for Woodrow Wilson

Princeton Now Being Pressured to Rename School Named for Woodrow Wilson

“White supremacists who paved the way for Trump”

Woodrow Wilson, America’s first progressive president, was also a bit of a racist. Now that Yale has changed the name of Calhoun College, everyone has to do the same thing, apparently.

Heat Street reports:

Princeton Pressured to Rename School Honoring ‘White Supremacist’ President Woodrow Wilson

Princeton is under renewed pressure to rename an institution honoring President Woodrow Wilson after activists branded him a “white supremacist”.

Campus activists made another attempt to scrub Wilson’s name from the university’s School of Public and International Affairs (pictured above) over his views on race.

They attempted to re-open the case, part of a large-scale campus protest in 2015, after Yale this week changed the name of a college named after slave owner and benefactor John C. Calhoun.

In a renewed attack on the Wilson school, activists claimed that the 28th US President, in power from 1913-1921, was one of the “White supremacists who paved the way for Trump”, according to a letter seen by The Princeton Tab.

The activists said it would be hypocrisy for Princeton to publicly oppose Trump – as it did over his immigration order – while continuing to associate itself with Wilson.

Although Wilson is widely celebrated for his leadership of the US during the First World War, his enthusiasm for international cooperation and his broadly progressive bent, his racism while in office was undeniable.


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Good. Even the SJW occasionally stumble on a good cause. They should rename everything that bears Wilson’s name because he was the worst president in at least a century, and perhaps ever (certainly worse than 0bama).

    alaskabob in reply to Milhouse. | February 16, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Wilson didn’t pave the way for Trump. But then anyone the Prog Left dislikes is branded “right wing” even for those that are farther left of them. Of course Margaret Sanger believed in the same ideals as Wilson, but doubt they will remove her from a pedestal. Name it for a Tuskegee member like Carver…

as long as they’re at it… get rid of “prince” & “ton” … chauvinistic & fat shaming…

So I guess renaming the school after Trump is out, huh?