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PragerU: Why I Left The Left

PragerU: Why I Left The Left

Dave Rubin explains why he no longer belongs to the left.

Dave Rubin from The Rubin Report tells PragerU why he moved away from the left.

(FTR, I used to identify as a socialist and now I’m a libertarian! I have noticed a lot more people have started to convert)


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Classic liberal. I’d say that describes me better than libertarian or conservative.

Anyone else here thinking the same thing?

It might make liberal lefties’ heads explode to attack those calling themselves “classic liberals.”

I’d pay to watch that happen…

Heard Dave on Prager’s show this afternoon. Smart guy. Funny too (tho not in this short video). Great to hear about his political evolution.

Rubin is also bucking the Chelsea Obama gay mafia as well. (Rubin is gay.)

Watch him interviewing Milo. (It’s a lot of fun to watch:)

Great piece by Rubin, but what he does not mention is that the ‘progressive movement’ is a movement for fascism, run by a group of self-centered elites paying off a corrupt army of useful idiots.

It’s no different than the goals of the the Nazis or Soviets in their times.

The ‘progressive’ movement seeks progress for no one, other than the ‘bad hombre’ leaders controlling it.