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Over 30,000 Profs Sign Petition Calling Trump Order Un-American

Over 30,000 Profs Sign Petition Calling Trump Order Un-American

“in the strongest possible terms”

Isn’t it amazing how many people in academia are concerned about American pride all of a sudden?

Campus Reform reports:

Petition calling Trump EO ‘un-American’ signed by 30K+ profs

More than 30,000 American professors and another 40,000 “academic supporters” have apparently signed a petition protesting President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“These academics denounce this Executive Order in the strongest possible terms and respectfully urge President Trump to reconsider his stance to be more consistent with the longstanding values and principles of this country,” a press release accompanying the petition contends.

The petition itself leverages three essential complaints against Trump’s hotly-debated order, the first of which argues that his policy is inherently “discriminatory.”

“The EO unfairly targets a large group of immigrants and non-immigrants on the basis of their countries of origin, all of which are nations with a majority Muslim population,” the petition states, calling this “a major step towards implementing the stringent racial and religious profiling” that was apparently “promised on the campaign trail.”

Next, the petition ridicules the EO for limiting academic collaboration with international students and researchers, expressing concern that the order could “potentially lead to [the] departure of many talented individuals who are current and future researchers and entrepreneurs in the U.S.”

“The EO significantly damages American leadership in higher education and research,” the missive continues, observing that “U.S. research institutions host a significant number of researchers from the nations subjected to the upcoming restrictions.”


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Nobody gives two Shiites what college professors say. They have shown themselves to be irrelevant, along with their “global warming” scientist colleagues.

How depressingly sad. Here we have, by their claim, some 70,000 people placed in positions of major influence on our youth who are protesting an Executive Order they have apparently not bothered to read. Either that, or they are incapable of understanding the rather plain language in which the EO was written.

To quote Bart: “These are plain people – the clay of the new West. You know: morons!”

I thought there would be more dipsticks than that.

Circa 70,000 people need to get out of academia and take up a new profession. Repeat after me: “Would you like fries with that?”