Organizers across the country put together “not my President” protests which took place Monday — President’s Day.

A schmorgesborg of complaints, few actually related to anything President Trump has done, these protests were meant to highlight the so-called “resistance” movement.

CBS News interviewed protesters at various locations. Some of their concerns:

In Miami

“I’m upset … I am very concerned and I would like to see a return to rational reasonable policies based on fact, facts that are not up for debate,” said Chris Webber.

“There is hatred among different races, separation of races, it needs to stop, we need to find a common good and work together to preserve the United States,” said June Martinez.

“I don’t want to see the country sold to the highest bidder. I want to see a system, something like a change in the system that Martin Luther King talked about, that we change the country, the system, that people are treated fairly no matter what station is in life,” said Bronson.

In New York City

Outside Central Park in Manhattan, thousands of flag-waving protesters lined up. Many in the crowd chanted “No ban, no wall. The Trump regime has got to fall.” They held aloft signs saying “Uphold the Constitution Now” and “Impeach the Liar.”

In Atlanta

In Atlanta, dozens marched through midtown for a rally named with a Georgia flavor: “ImPEACH NOW! (Not My) President’s Day March.”

In Portland, protesters blocking traffic were arrested:

For about 20 minutes, protesters had been given verbal warnings to clear the street. Some did, while others kept blocking traffic. Police initially arrested three people, according to KOIN, and at least five others were arrested about 10 minutes later.

Another rally was held midday in Portland and was peaceful, KOIN reported. Both groups were protesting the Trump administration.

And in Chicago:

The protests which promised thousands failed to produce mass amounts of protesters. There was no cohesive message, just a general tone of disapproval towards a president who has only been in office one month. This “resistance” movement might lend itself more credibility if they centered around a particular policy or even waited until Trump has done something worth protesting. Alas…

The delusion surrounding the “not my president” mantra is strong. Trump doesn’t have to be liked or even respected, but it doesn’t change that he is, in fact, the president.

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