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North Korea reported to have test-fired ballistic missile

North Korea reported to have test-fired ballistic missile

The rogue nation threatens to “pour misery” on the U.S.

South Korean officials indicate that North Korea just test-fired a ballistic missile, the first such test by the rogue nation since Donald Trump was inaugurated.

“The South Korean government and the international community are working together to take punitive actions appropriate for this launch,” acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn said.

Trump, when asked by reporters about the missile launch, declined to comment. A White House spokesman said Trump was briefed on the launch.

Another source within the South Korean Defense Ministry told CNN that North Korea launched a projectile from North Pyongan Province. The missile traveled 500 kilometers (310 miles) and landed in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, sources said.

The launch involved an intermediate-range ballistic missile, a senior US official told CNN.

A State Department official said, “We are aware of reports and monitoring the situation carefully.”

South Korean security officials were holding an emergency meeting Sunday morning.

The test was accompanied by threats that North Korea “would pour further misery on the United States.” Meanwhile, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that it was an “act of provocation,” happening right after the planned meeting between Japan’s president and President Trump.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency says that the Japanese government confirmed that the missile fell in seas between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

The South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the projectile was fired from an area in the country’s western region around Banghyon, North Pyongan Province, which is where South Korean officials have said the country test launched its powerful midrange missile Musudan on Oct. 15 and 20.

The South Korean military called it North Korea’s “show of force” against the hard-line stance of the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump on Pyongyang, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe engaged in golf diplomacy at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

Abe had joked at a joint press conference at the White House on Friday that he was looking forward to playing golf with Trump, even though, he claimed, he’s not nearly as good on the links.

He said he planned to use the time to discuss the future of the world, the Pacific region and U.S.-Japanese relations.

In a sign of unity, neither Japanese nor White House officials volunteered the pair’s final score.

Kim Jong-un just gave these two world leaders another topic to discuss this weekend.


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For all the craziness and evil that surfaces out of that empire, the only thing that seems steady or rational is their ability to get the timing right for attention. And now that Obama is retired, the global media just may help them further by assigning much greater risk and giving them much more attention. Heck, I expect some in media to perhaps make analogies between the nut in NK and Trump.

The rogue nation threatens to “pour misery” on the U.S.

Please don’t. The last thing we need is “Kim Jong Un Fashions”

Wasn’t it Bill and Hillary Clinton that jump started the NK missile program back in the 90s by allowing the NK’s to buy crucial missile parts? If that is so , then all this should be laid at the doorstep of Hillary Clinton. And if it is true the media’s silence on the topic is deafening!

    ConradCA in reply to olafauer. | February 14, 2017 at 1:34 am

    It was BJ who helped China build ICBMs. He allowed American companies to pay China to launch their satellites. When China was unable to do that the company help out and the Chinese were able to build ICBMs. Wonder how much they paid BJ?

Having poured misery on its own people for over 60 years, North Korea finally seems ready to share its gift with the rest of the world.

I know what the Press will obsess about this week, and it won’t be paltry test ranges of North Korean missiles, it will be this—

neither Japanese nor White House officials volunteered the pair’s final score.

Sounds suspicious. Some deviltry must be afoot. Maybe the Times will put its crack investigative team on it; they should be available now that they’ve busted BathrobeGate wide open.

The media will do all it can to make this something it’s not. You never heard them couching such stories in terms of the ‘challenge to the President’, not-so-subtly baiting him, when BO was pres – they already knew he could handle any challenge, after all.

They would have more success to legally (or illegally) invade America. It would also be self-funding thanks to redistributive change.

To paraphrase God: be fruitful and subdue it, and rule over the Dodos and Ducks.

If we’re lucky, the nuke missile they launch at the US will overfly the west coast and hit D.C. while Trump and his cabinet are out of town.

I wonder if one of the subjects being discussed on the golf course is how much support the US will give Japan’s nuclear weapon program.

I’d suggest we threaten to turn off their lights.

If there were any, that is.