If Morning Joe had a hook, they would have yanked presidential advisor Stephen Miller off the set of the Sunday shows he appeared on yesterday. Today’s Morning Joe devoted a long segment to eviscerating his performance.

The essence of the criticism was two-fold. First, that Miller spoke too much about his personal views rather than those of the president he serves. Second, that in declaring that the powers of the president to protect the country “will not be questioned” he was expressing an undemocratic view running counter to the principle of judicial review.

Excerpts from panel comments:

  • “The White House has got to stop embarrassing themselves by putting this guy up.”
  • “That made Susan Rice, the Sunday after Benghazi, look smooth. That was horrendous.”
  • “I would hope the President of the United States would . . . fill up his lunch box, put him in the corner, put him at his desk and have him read the United States Constitution.”
  • “He has the entire inner-cadre from the top down wrapped around his finger. They love him.”
  • “If that kind of thinking were enacted into policy, we would have impeachment proceedings within the next six months.”
  • Republicans who don’t speak out against this should call themselves “an obsequious, pathetic, little lemming.”
  • “I’m getting texted by some of the most powerful Republicans. I can’t even repeat what they’re calling Stephen Miller.”

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