Has Mika Brzezinski been binge-watching House of Cards? The question arises because on today’s Morning Joe, she offered up a Machiavellian theory which appeared to portray Mike Pence as scheming to take over the presidency.

Joe Scarborough asked who within the White House will go to President Trump and tell him that he’s undercutting his credibility. When Mark Halperin proposed VP Pence for that job, Mika Brzezinski replied: “it’s not happening. He’s waiting to be President.” Was Mika implying that Pence has adopted a conscious strategy of letting President Trump implode so that he can assume the presidency when Trump is driven from office?

Note: The opening paragraph was modified after publication to provide context.

Note segundo: Joe also said that he had spoken with many Republican senators and congressmen after the press conference. When Joe hesitated to use an expression to describe their fear of what was happening, Mika stepped in, saying they were scared “mmm-less.”

Note tercero: Scarborough and Mike Barnicle also asserted that Trump was detached from “reality.”

MIKE BARNICLE: The first 35 minutes of that press conference was watching a President of the United States who has lost his grip on reality.

. . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And everybody I talked to on the Hill, including a lot of Republican senators and congressmen, were scared [pauses]


JOE: Yes. Were scared to death by what they saw, and more than one said this just isn’t going to last long because he just doesn’t have control of reality.

. . .

JOE: So, who’s going to go to Donald Trump and say hey, listen, you’re really undercutting your credibility and this is going to catch up with you if you don’t stop lying?

WILLIE GEIST: For your own sake.


JOE: Mike Pence, but —

MIKA: Hmm. Not happening. He’s waiting to be President. [nervous chuckles on set]

JOE: I don’t know.

MIKA: He’s got [other] things to do.