I can forgive Legal Insurrection fans who think that Californians have lost their collective minds.

1) We have a group openly promoting secession and a state government that approved a #CalExit petition effort.
2) A senior politician seriously suggested the state withhold transfer of funds to the federal government.
3) Our representatives are mulling over a third gender option for identity documentation.

Furthermore, in response to President Trump’s move to end sanctuary cities, our government officials are working to declare California a “Sanctuary State”.

California Senate Democrats moved Tuesday to become the first “sanctuary state,” advancing bills that would create a statewide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, provide money to pay lawyers for immigrants facing deportation and hamper any attempts by the Trump administration to create a Muslim registry.

The move comes days after President Trump launched his crackdown on immigration and sanctuary cities across the nation.

The bills that are in the “Sanctuary State” suite include:

  • California Senate Bill 54, entitled the California Values Act (which would prohibit local police forces from helping federal authorities deport people who are in the U.S. illegally) and
  • California Senate Bill 6, would provide money for legal services for undocumented immigrants.
  • California Senate Bill 31, which would prohibit state agencies from sharing information with federal authorities about a person’s religion

However, many Californians are working to stem the tide of political insanity. Dawn Wildman, who is co-founder of a San Diego “Tea Party” group, is now the Director of the California Coalition for Policy Reform.  The group of citizen organizers are making plans to counter Sacramento policies that are heavily influenced by the elites in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

“Our focus now is supporting good policies that will help both California and the nation,” Wildman said. “What California is now struggling with is the fact that it has been on an 8-year vacation from the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Our politicians are having a hissy-fit of historic proportions because the Trump administration is now demanding that the rules, established to protect American citizens, simply be followed.

Wildman has been shocked at the distortions and the drama.

“Our politicians have much more interest in protecting the people who broke the law getting into this country, then protecting the people they are charged to care for. And the tax threat is astonishing: If I tried that, because I didn’t like a particular rule, I would be facing charges of tax evasion. What exactly does Sacramento hope to accomplish on behalf of legal citizens?”

Wildman says that she has been working 18-hours days coordinating groups to push-back on the wild legislation being proposed in Sacramento in response to President Trump’s executive orders. Action items include email campaigns, phone calls, and publishing information on potential new rules.

“In 2009, we did townhalls with really good results,” noted Wildman.  “We also are going to be doing some direct citizen advocacy with Sacramento. Finally, we are going to do a lot of citizen-to-citizen outreach, so we make sure Californians understand exactly how Sacramento costs them, in terms of their tax dollars, whenever they pass legislation like the Sanctuary State acts.”

The most recent planning session included a Twitter campaign directly to President Donald Trump in support of his efforts to stem illegal immigration and fight terrorism.

“As if it isn’t embarrassing enough to be a Californian, our politicians’ antics are adding to our humiliation,” said Wildman.  “We want President Trump to know we are OK if you bring California to its knees.”

For the past 8 years, California’s progressive actions have been cloaked in federal agency advocacy. Now that Trump has turned the D.C. regulatory valve off, the collectivist, globalist goals of our state’s politicians and their bureaucratic supporters are being revealed.

Californians are now targeting the swamps of Sacramento for some tax-payer friendly draining, in an effort to make California American again.


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