The whole concept of “free” college is a sham because ultimately someone pays.

The New York Post reports:

Critics blast Cuomo’s free-college-tuition plan as a ‘sham’

Lawmakers are calling Gov. Cuomo’s free-college-tuition plan a “sham” because it won’t help as many students as promised and low-income students could still be stuck with big bills.

State legislators are picking apart Cuomo’s $163 million proposal — which would cover tuition at public colleges for in-state students whose families earn less than $100,000 — while slamming a provision that raises tuition at CUNY and SUNY by $250 per year.

“This is not about free tuition, it’s about shifting costs and putting added burdens on people in the city,” one legislator said. “This is a sham.”

Critics say the eligibility rules for the free-tuition program are too stringent for students who are enrolled part-time or have jobs outside class. Students must complete 120 credit hours in four years to remain eligible.