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John Kerry Taking Global Affairs Position at Yale

John Kerry Taking Global Affairs Position at Yale

“specializing in law, management, forestry & environmental studies”

It looks like John Kerry is headed to Yale now that his gig at the State Department is over.

The Daily Caller reported:

John Kerry Retreats To The Ivy League Without His Coveted Nobel Peace Prize

John Kerry will become Yale University’s first Distinguished Fellow for Global Affairs, a capacity in which he will work with the school’s scholars to counter climate change, authoritarian populism, violent extremism, and other issues.

“The Kerry Initiative will elevate the discourse around these divisive issues and develop promising new ideas in public policy that are so desperately needed,” said Yale President Peter Salovey, as reported by Yale News.

“Secretary Kerry has dedicated his career to public service, and here at Yale — through teaching, research, and dialogue — he will continue to inspire the next generation of national and world leaders.”

Kerry will work with Yale students specializing in law, management, forestry & environmental studies, divinity, and global affairs. He will operate the Kerry Initiative, which will be dedicated to research and teaching.


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I never understood how a self-confessed war criminal could be confirmed as Secretary of State, a job he did not appear to be qualified to hold, an appearance which was borne out by the circumstances of his “service” (?!) in that position. Now he is being given another chance to ruin the world by indoctrinating highly impressionable college students with his failed ideas.

The left may be losing their political clout, as shown by the results of the last few election cycles, but they are gaining immeasurably more by their uncontested takeover of our educational systems, from elementary through graduate schools. Those of us who remember what this country used to be are beginning to die off and the generation that is set to take over has spent 12 to 20 years in the leftist gulags, where they were taught that everything we believe in, fought for, and in many cases died for, are all evil and must be destroyed.

Well, the forestry program at Yale will certainly never be the same.

Good. Fling yourself onto the daybed of acadamia, where you will be embraced and protected in it’s loving tentacles. Enjoy irrelevance.

Or as the students will call it, Bloviating 101….