During a recent Harvard forum connected to Black History Month, Jesse Jackson criticized the school’s lack of diversity specifically referring to the people managing Harvard’s endowment.

The Boston Globe reported:

At Harvard, Jesse Jackson criticizes lack of diversity

The Rev. Jesse Jackson criticized Harvard University for a lack of diversity for those who manage of the university’s $36 billion endowment during a Black History Month event on Tuesday.

“Harvard has a $36 billion endowment, that’s a large sum of money but how many blacks and browns are managing any of that money?” Jackson said, speaking to a crowd of about 200 seated before him at Longfellow Hall.

“Harvard had a little bump in the road with it’s endowment a few weeks ago. They named a business center after Reggie Lewis,” he said, referring to Reginald Lewis, the late African-American billionaire businessman.

“Father Reggie’s strength was getting some pension money, but who in the lineage of Reggie Lewis is managing any of that endowment pension money?” Jackson said.

A Harvard University spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and two-time presidential candidate, was invited to Harvard to speak at “Threads of Diversity,” a Black History Month program at the Graduate School of Education.