While many noted universities have already decided against instituting sanctuary campus policies, the concept remains popular with progressive minded students.

Indiana is moving towards outlawing sanctuary campuses.

Kaitlin L Lange and Meghan Holden of the Indy Star reported:

Bill to make sanctuary universities illegal moves forward in Indiana

An Indiana Senate committee approved a measure Tuesday to make “sanctuary universities” illegal in Indiana — a move that would prohibit universities from admitting undocumented immigrants with some exceptions.

Those who were protected under former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program will still be allowed at universities under Senate Bill 423. But if President Donald Trump repeals that program, Indiana universities would no longer be able to allow undocumented immigrants to attend.

The bill’s passage through Corrections and Criminal Law committee on a 6-2 party-line vote came as the Department of Homeland Security issued a sweeping set of orders Tuesday to implement President Trump’s plan to increase immigration enforcement. The memos instruct all agents to identify, capture and quickly deport every undocumented immigrant they encounter…

Some senators said the bill was unnecessary because there are no “sanctuary schools” in Indiana..

Some opponents of the Senate bill worry the legislation would cause worry for immigrants already concerned about Trump’s immigration policies.

Karina Garduno, vice president of the Indiana Latino Higher Education Council Board, said this legislation takes away students’ right to feel safe on campus.

As you can probably imagine, there has been some push back on this from student activists.

The Indiana Daily Student reports:

Senate committee passes bill to make sanctuary campuses illegal

Before the Indiana Senate voted to pass a bill enforcing federal immigration laws on college campuses, three students held up a banner that read “EDUCATION NOT 

The senators in the Corrections and Criminal Law committee immediately shut down the protest, then voted 6-2 in favor of passing the bill. If it becomes law, the bill will make sanctuary campuses illegal.

A college designated as a sanctuary campus is one with policies to protect students who are undocumented immigrants. Previous legislation, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act, protects some undocumented minors from deportation and lets them obtain work permits and an education.

The new bill would make state educational institutions count as governmental bodies and potentially limit ways colleges can implement the DACA act and other protections for undocumented immigrants.

Erika Espinoza, one of the protesting Ball State University students and an immigrant from Mexico, is protected by the DACA act.

“I felt humiliated in front of everyone,” Espinoza said after the failed protest. “Just because I am protected now doesn’t mean I will be in the next month.”

Here’s the full description of the bill from the Indiana General Assembly website:

Senate Bill 423

Enforcement of federal immigration laws. Expands, for purposes of provisions regarding enforcement of federal immigration laws by governmental bodies, the definition of “governmental body” to include state educational institutions in Indiana. Defines “state educational institution”, for purposes of IC 5-2-18.2 as the term is defined in IC 21-7-13-32. Prohibits postsecondary educational institutions with in-state campuses from restricting any governmental body’s efforts regarding obtaining, maintaining, or sharing information regarding the citizenship or immigration status of an individual. Defines a “sanctuary policy”. Provides that postsecondary educational institutions with campuses in Indiana may not adopt sanctuary policies. Exempts specified policies of postsecondary educational institutions pertaining to crime victims and witnesses to crimes from the definition of “sanctuary policy”

This will undoubtedly anger the left but it goes to the heart of what Trump talked about during the campaign.

The enforcement of America’s immigration laws.