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Hungary to Build Second Border Fence

Hungary to Build Second Border Fence

When one wall is not enough, build another

In a move sure to draw the ire of its EU fellows, Hungary is building a second border fence to serve as backup to their existing one that has reduced illegal entry to a “comparative trickle.”

Foreign Policy reports:

The Hungarian government wants to make doubly sure no unwanted persons enter its territory en route to Western Europe.

On Thursday, the government announced it would begin construction of a fence along the country’s border with Serbia — the same 109-mile border it has already fenced off. The government also said earlier this month it plans to build a 400-bed temporary housing facility for asylum-seekers out of shipping containers.

The measures are injecting even more tension into Hungary’s already strained relationship with the European Union, which Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes is soft on immigration.

Janos Lazar, Orban’s chief of staff, billed the new fence as “a second line of defense” against the inflow of migrants and refugees into Hungary. After the government’s first fence was erected in the summer of 2015, immigration to and transit through Hungary slowed to a comparative trickle.

The Hungarian government is focused on making Hungary one of Europe’s safest countries, and stopping the flow of illegals into their country is a step in that direction.


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Stupendous. They get the problem and are solving it.