The donors giveth and the market taketh away. I wouldn’t be too worried about Harvard. They have more money than God.

Bloomberg reports:

Harvard’s $1.2 Billion Haul Erased by Investing Loss, Payout

Harvard University raised $1.2 billion from donations, a record for the world’s richest college. The haul was erased by $2 billion in investment losses and spending.

Harvard’s take was the most by any U.S. university as colleges collected an unprecedented $41 billion in fiscal 2016, the New York-based Council for Aid to Education, which tracks university giving, said in a survey released Tuesday. Stanford University was ranked No. 2, with $951 million, marking only the second time in 12 years that Stanford failed to outpace Harvard in fundraising.

The total was up almost 2 percent from the previous year. The top 20 schools accounted for 27 percent of all donations, once again concentrating the wealth among the richest schools. The same 20 institutions raised about 2 percent less than last year.

Wealthy Donors

Fundraising totals show how the richest colleges’ appeals to wealthy donors can help offset weak endowment returns. U.S. college endowments declined 1.9 percent on average, according to an industry survey. Congress is considering a bill requiring donors to wealthy schools set aside a portion of their gift for financial aid or risk losing their tax deduction.

“When investment earnings for colleges are down, they’re also down in portfolios for wealthy individuals and foundation and donor-advised funds,” said Ann Kaplan, the survey’s director. “When one of these sources loses wealth, generally on the whole, they all lose ground at the same time.”