Joe Scarborough went on an epic rant this morning against liberal academia and the way it shuts down and ultimately radicalizes conservative students who grow frustrated with being stifled in the classroom.

The segment began as an effort to explain Stephen Miller’s personality, as Morning Joe cited a column by Andrew Sullivan in which he speaks of conservative students who are often “mocked, isolated, and anathematized on campus” and often react by adopting “brattish and obnoxious positions just to tick off their SJW peers and teachers.”

Scarborough took it from there, growing increasingly inflamed as he described his personal experiences at two different Southern state universities where he never had a conservative professor in the humanities, and students expressing conservative opinions would get “booed in class.” Scarborough described the feelings of the students getting shut down: “if I can’t even say mainstream conservative thought in my class, I might as well go out on the quad and have an affirmative-action bake sale. The hell with them.”

Now in full rant, Scarborough continued, “anybody that claims that I don’t know what [I’m talking about]: go to hell! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You live with it every second as a conservative . . . I’m passionate about this for a reason. It is one of the great failings of this country. It is one of the great failings of our academic system that it is so illiberal! That unless you don’t [sic] march in lockstep in the best college campuses in this country, you are shunned! So what do you end up doing? You get shoved to extreme positions, just to push back at the extreme hatred you face from the second you walk into an elite institution.”

Note: apologies to readers for the mediocre video quality of the clip. You’ll find a high-res but less tightly-edited version below. The heart of the conversation begins at 3:45.


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