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CSU Tells Students to Call Campus Police on Immigration Officials

CSU Tells Students to Call Campus Police on Immigration Officials

“officials asking for information or documentation regarding immigration status”

Two years ago, campus activists were calling campus police the enemy. Now they want the police to save them from federal agents. You couldn’t make this up.

Campus Reform reports:

CSU tells students to call cops on immigration authorities

University administrators in California are urging students and faculty to contact campus police if government officials ask for information about immigration status.

In response to two memoranda issued Tuesday by Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly outlining his department’s enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration, California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White responded with his own memo to the school community Wednesday reiterating his commitment to “sanctuary campus” policies forbidding cooperation with immigration enforcement and deportation efforts.

The memo was promptly shared with students by both CSU President Karen Haynes and California Polytechnic University President Jeffrey Armstrong, both of whom called attention to the same portion of White’s memo.

After acknowledging that the evolving federal policy is “complex” and that “we do not have information indicating that stepped up enforcement will focus on our campuses,” White advises anyone “who is approached while on campus by federal, state or local officials asking for information or documentation regarding immigration status, to immediately contact the University Police Department,” which he says will act as a “liaison” while coordinating with the Office of the General Counsel “to provide guidance, references, and resources.”


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This going to be fun. Thanks Commiefornia.

If the campus cops or students interfere, the ICE cops should arrest them. See how they like a Federal prison, and see what their career opportunities are with a felony record.