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College’s Statue of Thomas Jefferson Vandalized With Fake Blood

College’s Statue of Thomas Jefferson Vandalized With Fake Blood

“What does this accomplish?”

This happened at the College of William and Mary. It’s an utter disgrace.

The Daily Caller reports:

Jefferson Statue Smeared With ‘Blood’ At William & Mary

A William & Mary student posted two pictures of a Thomas Jefferson statue stained with fake blood and a message reading: “Overseen: TJ caught with the blood of all the people he owned on his hands.”

The hands of the statue appear to be covered with some kind of red paint. Student Brendan Thomas, who’s also an historical interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg according to his Facebook page, posted this photo and one other to Facebook on Saturday, one day after William & Mary’s Charter Day, which celebrated the 324th birthday of the school.

The red paint below the statue seems to scrawl out “slave owner,” presumably labeling the Founding Father and William & Mary graduate as such.

Some comments on the photo, which was posted in a William & Mary student group page on Facebook, were of an anti-Jefferson nature.

“I love how the response to the graffiti illustrates the need for the graffiti,” one student remarked.

However, other comments condemned the action.

“What does this accomplish?” asked one user. “I know this likely isn’t the case with many other places, but at least in this community of intelligent, well-read people, I would imagine that most people here are aware that Jefferson did indeed own slaves. Owning slaves is shitty and inexcusable, full stop. But I’m confused about what this accomplishes.”

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