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College Students Wear White Pins as Reminders of White Privilege

College Students Wear White Pins as Reminders of White Privilege

“a system based on centuries of inequality”

The left’s obsession with race takes on truly ridiculous forms of expression sometimes.

The College Fix reports:

Students wear white pins to remind them of white privilege

Students at Elizabethtown College this month are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege.

The campaign was launched over the weekend by the Elizabethtown College Democrats, who say it aims to make students at the small and private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania more introspective about issues of race, especially in their predominantly white region of Lancaster County.

“Discussions about race are often perceived as being only open to people of color, but I think it is just as important for white people to partake in conversations about race,” Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, told The College Fix via email.

Ida said white people are continually allowing for a societal system of oppression to occur unless they work against it. The white puzzle piece pin represents racial struggles of all sorts.

“No matter how accepting someone is, that doesn’t stop them from being part of a system based on centuries of inequality,” she said, adding the campaign transcends politics.

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…adding the campaign transcends politics.

No, it doesn’t. It’s 100 percent pure politics.

Is that like a yellow badge or one of those stars prisoners wore?

Next, the Jewish students will wear the required yellow star. Are there bars on the library windows? The books are at risk.

buckeyeminuteman | February 15, 2017 at 1:01 pm

I seem to remember a certain ethnic group being required to wear an identifier on their clothing to remind everyone of their inferior status.