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Chicago Suburban High School Thanks the Military

Chicago Suburban High School Thanks the Military

“You truly are my hero.”

I have to brag about my hometown Oswego, IL! Students at Oswego East High School took an hour out of their day to write thank you letters to those serving in the military:

The entire student body and faculty spending the morning reaching out to men and women they’ve never met before and shared a little of themselves, in hopes of bringing a smile to those overseas.

The letters will go to Operation Gratitude, an organization which sends care packages to active soldiers, vets, first responders and wounded military personal among others.

For just an hour there were no texts, no emails, just good old fashion paper and pens and the desire to do a little good not only for the recipient but the writers as well.


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A big “Thank You! to the students and faculty at Oswego East High School, from a retiree who knows how much this will mean to the recipients. And another to Mary Chastain for posting this!