Just when you thought the MSM might be running out of hyperbole about President Trump’s criticism of the media, along comes Carl Bernstein . . .

On CNN’s Reliable Sources today, Bernstein unleashed a torrent of accusations about the president.


  • Trump’s attacks on the media “more treacherous” than Nixon’s.
  • Apophasis alert: “I’m not about to say anything comparing Hitler and Trump”, but Hitler and Stalin also used the phrase “enemy of the people” about the media.
  • Trump is “leading a demagogic attack on the institutions of free democracy.”
  • “This is a terrible time we’re living in.”
  • The media is “the last resort of the American people to a dictatorial, and authoritarian-inclined president.”
  • Trump expresses himself in “demagogic and frightening and treacherous words that have meaning in terms of threats to democracy.”

Note: Host Brian Stelter opened the show with his own bit of over-the-top rhetoric, ominously intoning that Trump’s criticism of the media is “poison. That’s what it is. A verbal form of poison.”

Note segundo: The Washington Post‘s Dana Priest tried to talk poor Carl off the ledge, advising  “I really think at this moment we should eliminate the adjectives and stick to the facts.”