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Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Media Attacks ‘More Treacherous’ than Nixon’s

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Media Attacks ‘More Treacherous’ than Nixon’s

“This is a terrible time we’re living in.”

Just when you thought the MSM might be running out of hyperbole about President Trump’s criticism of the media, along comes Carl Bernstein . . .

On CNN’s Reliable Sources today, Bernstein unleashed a torrent of accusations about the president.


  • Trump’s attacks on the media “more treacherous” than Nixon’s.
  • Apophasis alert: “I’m not about to say anything comparing Hitler and Trump”, but Hitler and Stalin also used the phrase “enemy of the people” about the media.
  • Trump is “leading a demagogic attack on the institutions of free democracy.”
  • “This is a terrible time we’re living in.”
  • The media is “the last resort of the American people to a dictatorial, and authoritarian-inclined president.”
  • Trump expresses himself in “demagogic and frightening and treacherous words that have meaning in terms of threats to democracy.”

Note: Host Brian Stelter opened the show with his own bit of over-the-top rhetoric, ominously intoning that Trump’s criticism of the media is “poison. That’s what it is. A verbal form of poison.”

Note segundo: The Washington Post‘s Dana Priest tried to talk poor Carl off the ledge, advising  “I really think at this moment we should eliminate the adjectives and stick to the facts.”


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I think it’s time for ol’Carl to go home.

Make that…to a home.

“Hitler” has not stuck, time for “Nixon”….who next?

When Trump issues an Executive Order to start refurbishing FDR’s concentration camps (they’ll need WiFi, for starters), I’ll consider that maybe, just maybe, these nervous nellies might be on to something.

Until then, shut up and talk to somebody about getting testosterone shots. And if your ObamaCare won’t pay for those, well … serves you right.

The wailing, teeth-gnashing, tears, sack-cloth rending, ash bathing, and whining by the lefist fake stream media is absolutely AWESOME to behold, approaching at least Category 5 in magnitude!

Carl’s son Jacob, didn’t fall far from the tree.

Jacob is the NYT reporter who was outed for calling Melania a “hooker.”


    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to wyntre. | February 20, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Thanks Wyntre.

    “New York Times Reporter Apologizes for Calling Melania Trump a ‘Hooker’”

    Time that bad apple was fired and sent for “retraining” don’t you know.

If I was low-life liberal, I too would think that “it’s a terrible time we’re living in.”

A lot of Americans have been living in a terrible time for the last couple of decades. Now it’s your turn. How do you like it so far? Oh…not so well. You’re not going to get much sympathy from the Deplorables.

Get a grip Carl.

An old Marxist hates Trump. Oh My God! Alert the media!

Any individual, any organization, and any industry that thinks it should be above criticism is clearly in desperate need of more criticism. If you demand little or no criticism, you clearly cannot defend yourself against said criticism.

Right now we have four (maybe more) “industries” that are in desperate need of more criticism, criticism that has been far too limited in the past. My list is:
1 – the MSM.
2 – the judiciary.
3 – science (specifically soft science and climate science).
4 – government bureaucracy.

Feel free to add to the list.

    scooterjay in reply to topcat69. | February 19, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    I see this a lot on Facebook with liberals…..some want to express their opinion yet don’t want anyone to respond negatively. I always say that if you are bold enough to express your view in public then be bold enough to defend it.

“This is a terrible time we’re living in.”

Whose fault is that, Bernstein?

What a dumbass.

Berstein is approaching the hysterical. He keeps using words like freedom and the people’s last protection against a dictator. He has to be joking! If obama had declared martial law after the election to prevent Trump from being sworn in, the msm would have backed him! We all know this from their own writings. These people live in a phony world and actually believe that we cannot survive without them. Do you suppose any of them ever go on the internet and look around?

    Somebody needs to look into people abusing prescription drugs. Just look what they have done to poor Carl.

    It’s apparent that John ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ McCain lives in that world with them:

    McCain trashes Trump in New York Fake News Magazine:

      inspectorudy in reply to | February 20, 2017 at 8:16 pm

      As a former fighter pilot in Vietnam, I always admired McCain because of his story there. But as the years went by and the things this man said and did my feelings for him did a 180-degree turn. In a short phrase, he makes me sick! There is something wrong with him and his sense of knowing more than anyone else. He violates every long-held custom when it suits his purpose but demands that others conform to them without exception. He has no sense of team play and all I can say is that the people of AZ must be in terrible shape if they think that this loser should represent them.

“This is a terrible time we’re living in.,” says Bernstein.

Couldn’t disagree more.

Suck it up, lefties.

Now we know that he has been failing to check the original documents and videos.

Those of us who know what Trump has actually said and done have a very different picture of the man and his plans.

The Left and the GOPe both fear the same thing – Trump’s success. Both will do everything they can to prevent that from happening. If it does happen anyway, it will be the end of politics as it has been practiced since Richard Nixon, and this would be a serious problem for the not-so-strange bedfellows mentioned above. They have been pretending for decades to be opposing forces, but they’re just opposite sides of the same coin – doesn’t matter how you flip it, it’s the same coin that hits the ground.

Oh FFS, Carl. You’re getting dangerously close to cranking it up to ileevin.

Destroy the media first so that you can implement your ideas is a great plan!

For those of us who lived through the Nixon Era and the formidable risks of McGovern as president… I do remember the press preventing Nixon from getting comments in during his press conferences. the media controlled the flow and would cut off the conferences at their whim. Now the MSM doesn’t control the flow of news….. but they try. There is a different type of danger now…. Not the open about it McGovern Leftists….but the “deep state” cabal of Dem and GOPe bureaucracy that is running a shadow government….of by and for themselves. …the arbiters of control. Just to show Trump isn’t Nixon….Trump should eliminate one of Nixon’s bureaucratic accomplishments…the EPA.

The President of the United States called the press an “enemy of the American people”.

The man’s claim to fame is one story, and you’d think he wrote the text for journalists the way his cronies swoon over his every word.