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Campus Free Speech Bills Gain Steam in Several States

Campus Free Speech Bills Gain Steam in Several States

“The Milo Bill”

It has come to the point where we actually need protections on free speech on college campuses. This is good news.

Campus Reform reports:

MAP: Campus free speech bills gaining steam nationwide

State legislators across the country are speaking out against the numerous attempts by college administrators to limit and attack students’ free-speech rights.

Campus Reform has identified at least six state legislatures that are considering legislation that would definitively prevent public universities from placing unreasonable restrictions on the right to free expression.

In Tennessee, for example, Republican state rep. Martin Daniel introduced a bill Thursday that would ensure that “public universities allow all types of speech,” nicknaming the resolution “The Milo Bill” after famed journalist and provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos, whose campus events are repeatedly shut down and even cancelled by student protesters.

“There was a time, not too long ago in fact, when the Milo bill was not necessary,” Yiannopoulos observed in a statement reacting to the bill. “Colleges and universities existed to challenge cherished ideas, foster a culture of free expression and develop in students a robust ability to reason and compare different ideas. But that time has passed.”

Meanwhile, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has pledged to “work with members of the General Assembly to pass” a bill known as the “Restore Campus Free Speech Act,” which would “nullify any restrictive speech codes” on campus.


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