C-SPAN’s latest survey of presidential historians resulted in Obama ranking 12th as “best” president.  You can view the survey methodology here.

The Hill reports:

It’s been less than a month since former President Barack Obama left office, but his legacy is already being remembered fondly, according to C-SPAN’s 2017 presidential historians survey.

Obama ranked 12th on the list of 43 former commanders in chief, placing between Woodrow Wilson (No. 11) and James Monroe (No. 12) [sic].

Former President Abraham Lincoln takes the top spot in the survey, which was conducted among 91 historians and other executive branch experts.

Participants were told to give presidents a score of one to 10 on 10 different “qualities of presidential leadership”; these included “economic management,” “vision/setting an agenda,” “relations with Congress,” “crisis leadership” and “public persuasion.”

Fisking each of these categories would be fun, but suffice to say that had I taken this poll, Obama earns a one (one being the worst) in each of these categories.

This survey tells us that academics like Obama just the teensiest bit less than they like progressive racist Woodrow Wilson.  Yay!?