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Branco Cartoon – Hot Bench

Branco Cartoon – Hot Bench

Orange Hot

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Excellent! I take it that two of the three judges were Obama supporters?

Didn’t all 3 vote against lifting the TRO?

The mere fact that liberal leftist democrats are doing a victory dance overr a Court decision for allowing unvetted foreign nationals from terror espousing countries into the U.S. should tell anyone with two brain cells how demented they are.

    It’s not about reason for these people – simply that their ‘team’ won.

    They think like this is some kind of sport event, and they root for their home team, regardless of the consequences. Being cult-like, they’ve abrogated their reasoning to their Fuhrer, whoever it is at the moment.

    For a bunch of atheists, they sure are the blindest, and dumbest of religious zealots.

FINALLY time to bust-up the Ninth Circuit with a 12th.

It is so clear we are governed by a group of elites, unfaithful to the Constitution and in breach of their oath of office. This includes the rats of the GOPe.

Go Trump!

The 9th Circuit is a rogue bunch of so-called “judges” who are clearly in violation of standing U.S. Supreme Court precedent on this issue. They should be kicked off the circuit for these obvious crimes against our laws…

Excellent Mr. Branco! One of your best IMNHO. It’s too bad you couldn’t work in 8 USC, sec. 1182(f), the law that makes the EO completely legal and which was referenced in the EO itself several times. Bravo Zulu, sir!

I would like to see you draw up a cartoon depicting the ninth circuit court bathroom with the constitution as toilet paper hanging out and 8 USC, sec. 1182(f) law written on it ripped half way down!