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Barnard College Pledges New Hiring Policy Based on Race

Barnard College Pledges New Hiring Policy Based on Race

“representation, inclusion, and social justice”

Only the left could get away with doing such a thing without being called racists.

The College Fix reports:

College pledges to hire professors based on skin color, mandates social-justice workshops

A women’s college is planning to hire new professors based on the color of their skin because of the “demonstrated benefits” of nonwhite faculty.

Whether such faculty benefit the college enough to be paid for a full teaching load remains to be seen, however.

After a year of deliberation, the Barnard College Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion released a set of draft recommendations last week with the aim of improving “representation, inclusion, and social justice” in the classroom and on campus.

Beyond hiring a new C-level official to oversee diversity efforts, the recommendations include mandatory social justice workshops for all community members and extra academic support specifically for racial minorities.

The effort is so expensive that Barnard, which is affiliated with Columbia University, will have to launch a new fundraising campaign to pull it off, as the recommendations acknowledge.


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“Only the left could get away with doing such a thing without being called racists.”

They are Racist! Just as Obama’s Justice Department was Racist. The left is far more racist, than most of those on the right.

It is time we started stating the obvious when racism rears its disgusting head, just like the story above. Someone needs to sue.

Will there be consequences for what appears to be a violation of the law?

This looks like a gift to the first white person with the chutzpah to apply. Once he/she is turned down, everything that’s needed for a discrimination lawsuit is available in the official college record. An out-of-court settlement should come out somewhere in the high six figures, since the college will want to avoid a loss in court.

    artichoke in reply to OldProf2. | February 5, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    I believe white people (white males anyway) are not able to sue though for such discrimination. The government could sue on their behalf, but that never happens. I guess it could though with the Trump DOJ, wouldn’t Barnard be mad then!

It would be great if the DOJ were to sue on behalf of victims of this discrimination. Obama’s DOJ would never do such a thing. Trump’s DOJ, maybe they would?

I think it’s illegal for the Feds to fund or sign contracts with an organization that discriminates on the basis of race.

Lawsuits could consume the funding for this modern day Jim Crow.