On Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show today, Rep. Barbara Lee of California, a member of the congressional Black and Progressive caucuses, called for the removal of Steve Bannon from his position on the National Security Council, and more generally from his White House on President Trump’s staff.

Lee mentioned that the Black, Progressive, Hispanic and Asian Pacific caucuses had written a letter to President Trump asking for Bannon’s removal from the NSC. But Lee went further, twice stating that they were looking into a “legal mechanism” for the removal of Bannon.

Note: Citing Nancy Pelosi, Sharpton and Lee repeatedly described Bannon as a “white supremacist.”

BARBARA LEE: Reverend Al, may I pick up on one appointment of the administration, Steve Bannon? I just want to say how dangerous it is to have — a Nancy Pelosi described him as a white supremacist — sitting on the National Security Council. Members of Congress of the Progressive caucus, Black, Hispanic and Asian Pacific caucus, we sent a letter to President Trump and said that he should be removed from the National Security Council, but also, he should be removed from the White House.

. . .

SHARPTON: I’m glad you brought up, though, about Steve Bannon, because twice in Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the House, twice in her statement she referred to Bannon as a white supremacist. Twice. And I thought that that was very, very, very telling of the attitude of many of his record. And to have him on the NCS, National Security, NSC– correcting myself — is something that is alarming at best. So I’m glad you went there.

What can be done in the congress to really try and force the president to at least remove him from there, if he can’t be removed from the White House, other than a bully pulpit?

LEE: Right now, we are actually looking at legal ways to approach this in terms of the research we’re doing to see if we can find a mechanism to remove him if President Trump does not remove him.

Right now, the public pressure and the street heat, the marches and the protests will help. And the more we expose this man and who he is as a white supremacist, his background, Breitbart News, you know, many of the terrible, dangerous statements that he’s made, and to see those statements now and his views reflected in our foreign policy, it’s dangerous, it’s wrong, it’s serious, and we have to fight every way we can to make sure that he is removed from the NSC and also from the White House.

So, we’re in the process now of trying to determine if we have some legal mechanisms to really remove him, if the president won’t.


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