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Who Will Pay for New York State’s ‘Free’ College?

Who Will Pay for New York State’s ‘Free’ College?

“extortionately inappropriate.”

A recent article from the Daily Signal reminds us that someone will pay for free college in New York. It is essentially a form of wealth redistribution.

From the article:

New York Proposes Free College, but Not Everyone’s Buying It

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an “aggressive” new plan to provide free college tuition to families earning up to $125,000 a year. Under the proposal, nearly a million families would qualify.

“We’re making college tuition-free for middle-class families,” Cuomo, a Democrat, said. “This is the most aggressive plan ever proposed.”

To participate, students are required to enroll full time at a state university of New York (SUNY) or city university of New York (CUNY) two- or four-year college.

Richard Vedder, director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity and a professor of economics at Ohio University, called the proposal “extortionately inappropriate.”

“You’re taking money from the general taxpaying public—including some low- and middle-income people—and redistributing that to a group that will probably include a very significant part of a somewhat more affluent population,” Vedder told The Daily Signal. “It’s certainly not a redistribution to the poor; it’s a redistribution to the middle class—and a fairly affluent middle class.”


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This really a wealth redistribution to the core progessives/ education industrial complex.