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UC Santa Cruz Holds ‘People’s Inauguration’ to Protest Trump

UC Santa Cruz Holds ‘People’s Inauguration’ to Protest Trump

“We are deeply troubled and stand more firm”

Apparently, no one told these students that a ‘people’s inauguration’ is happening in Washington, DC this weekend.

Campus Reform reported:

UCSC done crying over Trump, hosts ‘People’s Inauguration’ protest

The University of California, Santa Cruz is in the midst of a week-long “People’s Inauguration” to protest Donald Trump’s election, which “deeply troubled” administrators at the time.

In a letter recently obtained by Campus Reform, the provost of Oakes College (one of ten academic colleges at UCSC) lamented the election of “a person who has been overtly and openly racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, ableist, cis-sexist, xenophobic, and much more while on the campaign trail.”

“We are deeply troubled and stand more firm in our resolve regarding the work that we all hold essential at Oakes. We will continue to fight for equity and justice,” Provost Regina Day Langhout continued, encouraging her students to “love each other boldly” and “be transparent with our despair, and cry openly alongside one another.”

Langhout went on to conclude the letter with a salutation of “with our hearts broken wide open and our fists raised high,” affixing her signature alongside those of four other administrators.

Langhout’s letter, sent just two days after Trump’s election, appears to violate some of the school’s policies regarding the use of university resources for political purposes.


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They don’t call it “Little Bizerkly” for nothing, you know.

UC Santa Cruz is “America’s Wackiest University”. What can you say about a school whose mascot is the Banana Slug?

The People’s Inauguration was yesterday. This is loser virtue signaling.